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v. e·van·gel·ized, e·van·gel·iz·ing, e·van·gel·iz·es
1. To preach the gospel to.
2. To convert to Christianity.
3. To promulgate or promote (a doctrine or idea, for example) enthusiastically.
1. To preach the gospel.
2. To promulgate or promote something enthusiastically.

e·van′gel·i·za′tion (-jə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
e·van′gel·iz′er n.
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The sixth Philippine Conference on New Evangelization (PCNE), which will be held on July 19 to 21, will introduce the local version of Jerusalem's "Wailing Wall," where participants can write their prayers on a slip of paper and slip it into crevices or small holes known as prayer spaces.
I've only seen the movie once, years ago, but that scene is burned into my memory And it has often come to mind since then when I've heard the word "evangelization," which has been sort of a problem, because I have spent my entire career working for Catholic institutions, and colleagues in the field say the word all the time.
Give youth avenues for evangelization Socrates Villegas !-- -- Eva Visperas (The Philippine Star) - January 1, 2019 - 12:00am DAGUPAN CITY, Philippines The youth must be given avenues to participate in the mission of evangelization in the parish, Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas said yesterday.
The various documents of the Second Vatican Council encouraged all Christians as people of God to participate actively in the liturgical activities of the church, read meditatively the Word of God and be partners in the church's work of evangelization. (2) The Second Vatican Council's reformation influenced the birth of new ecclesial movements like the Catholic Charismatic Movement, the Community of Sant'Egidio, L'Arche, the Emmanuel Community, and many other groups.
Tagle made the appeal during his plenary talk at the fifth Philippine Conference on New Evangelization (PCNE) at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Manila.
None of this may look like sharing the gospel, but according to Ellen Kuchera, one of the creators of COR at 220 East, this is where the heart of evangelization is taking place.
Priests are given the challenge of evangelization by bringing the Gospel closer to the faithful, Fr.
USM is experimenting a new way of evangelization as an alternative to the traditional way, focusing on preaching about Jesus and converting people to Christianity.
In light of the importance of the role of pastor as school leader, the research team conducting this study asked, "How are current seminarians--tomorrow's pastors--being prepared in seminaries across the United States to lead the New Evangelization and provide leadership for parish schools?" This research question is important for three reasons.
He is a Western-trained Chinese scholar and layman who examines the challenges and prospects of Catholic evangelization in China.
The New Evangelization: Faith, People, Context and Practice
Working from his primary research interests in interdisciplinary approaches to the religions and cultures of Asia, Kin Sheung Yan's purpose is "to analyze the Catholic evangelization of China in light of the teachings of the magisterium" (40).