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Noun1.evaporative cooler - a cooling system that cools by evaporationevaporative cooler - a cooling system that cools by evaporation
cooling, cooling system - a mechanism for keeping something cool; "the cooling was overhead fans"
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* Evaporative Cooler Market - https://www.radiantinsights.com/research/2013-2028-report-on-global-evaporative-cooler-market
The second stage is evaporative cooling, which is conducted in a low-cost, wind-powered evaporative cooler. The principle is similar to the widely used pot-in-a pot device for preserving fruits and vegetables.
by Courtesy of BrandpointPatios and garages can be cooler on the hottest days by rolling the evaporative cooler wherever it's needed.
Save Evaporative cooler (10 litres), Homebase, PS59.99 SAVE: PS10 ?
The measure of effectiveness is based on how close the air temperature leaving the evaporative cooler approaches the outdoor wet bulb temperatures [6].
In an environment with evaporative cooler, air temperature was lower and more homogeneous in both day periods than in the environment without cooler.
ICS COOL ENERGY, a leading temperature control specialist, reports it has launched a high-efficiency portable evaporative cooler to deliver fast and effective cooling to a variety of commercial workspaces, in the face of seasonal temperature spikes.The company says the robust new Com Cool evaporative cooling units join the largest and most comprehensive rental fleet that provides temporary, long term and emergency temperature control in all types of buildings and for manufacturing processes.
An indirect evaporative cooler runs on up to 80 percent less energy than a conventional air conditioning unit.
As a result, the vendor added that its new 15kW evaporative cooler
The components of the basic cycle consist of the solid desiccant wheel (DW) as dehumidifier, evaporative cooler as the cooling unit, and the heat recovery wheel as the heater and cooler in the regeneration and process air sides, respectively.
Later-day Iranians re-engineered the windcatcher into an evaporative cooler called Coolere Eebi.