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Solar perturbation of the lunar orbit.

[Latin ēvectiō, ēvectiōn-, a going up, from ēvectus, past participle of ēvehere, to raise up : ē-, ex-, up from; see ex- + vehere, to carry; see wegh- in Indo-European roots.]

e·vec′tion·al adj.
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(Astronomy) irregularity in the moon's motion caused by perturbations of the sun and planets
[C17: from Latin ēvectiō a going up, from ēvehere to lead forth, from vehere to carry]
eˈvectional adj
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Irregularity in the movement of the Moon caused by variations in the orbit of the Sun.
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Lieutenant Colonel Shah Ali, project director of CDA TK 5,616 crore mega project, told journalists that the evection drive on the banks of 13 canals including Chaktai, Birza, Rajakhali, Mirza, Hijra, Mohesh, Mariam Bibi, Khondakia, Kalabagicha, and Baromasi cannels began in July.
* 31 days, 19 hours, 29 min = 45 809 min (period of the lunar evection).
* Period of the lunar evection (31 days, 19 hours, 29 min = 45 809 min), which is the period of the oscillatory deviation of the Moon's orbit from its average position with respect to the Earth.
Among the Israeli violations, MADA also recalls the attack on Huda Alhodali -- Associated Press photographer last year, while she was covering the evection of the "Al Nawater village" near Jerusalem, where she was pushed and treated harshly by Israeli occupation soldiers, and she fell on her back on a big stone.
| RAMALLAH, Sept 18 (KUNA) -- Member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Saeb Erekat urged Wednesday putting an end to Jewish settlers' provocative acts at Al-Aqsa Mosque, which "could ignite the situation and undermine the prospects of peace in the region." The International Quartet must take full necessary measures to force Israel into preventing the evection of Palestinians from their homes, the demolition of their homes excavation works in the Old City of Jerusalem, he urged.
Nodical month month month month 27.5546 29.5306 27.3216 27.2122 days days days days Number of months or years Number of solar days 7 6.5 7 7 192.88 191.95 191.25 190.49 15 14 15 15 413.32 413.43 409.82 408.18 60 56 60.5 61 1653.27 1653.71 1652.95 1659.95 112 104 113 113.5 3086.11 3085.95 3087.34 3088.59 172 160 173 174 4739.38 4739.66 4740.29 4734.93 239 223 241 242 6585.54 6585.32 6584.50 6585.36 299 279 301.5 303 8238.81 8239.03 8237.46 8245.30 351 327 354 355 9671.65 9671.27 9671.84 9673.94 Number of months or years Number of solar days Evection Gregor.
With this model, Ptolemy accounted for a subtle influence of the sun's gravitation on the moon's motion, now called evection. The discovery of this influence and the development of the techniques necessary to calculate it was one of Ptolemy's major achievements.
A spot report by the News Today writer says sweeping evection drives to save the Buriganga, considered Dhaka's lifeline, are instantly yielding some fruits.
Full description of this formula includes 1,500 terms [13], where evection, variation and annual inequality are the most important.
In the first five inequalities of the formula (2), the terms bearing coefficients 6.289 and 0.214 are determined by ellipticity of unperturbed (Keplerian) orbit, whereas the terms with coefficients 1.274 (evection, 31.8 days), 0.658 (variation, 14.8 days) and 0.186 (annual inequality, 186.2 days) are caused by gravitational perturbations from the Sun.
Nevertheless, there were reports [13-21] on a strong correlation between variation of some physical and biochemical processes and deviations of the Moon from the Keplerian orbit (evection, variation and annual inequality; see [30]).
The recent developments, namely the acceleration of settlement construction including E1 area, the ongoing evections and house demolitions in East Jerusalem, the expansion of Givat Hamatos and Har Homa and the prevention of peaceful Palestinian cultural, economic, social or political activities threaten to make the tow-state solution impossible.