even spacing

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Noun1.even spacing - regularity of spacing
regularity - the quality of being characterized by a fixed principle or rate; "he was famous for the regularity of his habits"
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It is almost impossible to hand-guide a machine accurately for perfect echo quilting without the aid of a template or to ensure consistently even spacing between the echoes.
Even spacing in handwriting is usually attributed to those who are levelheaded and aware of boundaries.
Like the windows in the mangled structure of Facade, the even spacing of the pipes becomes a remnant of a bygone and universal functionalism as well as a nod to that absence, even as the works took their place in the austere, blue-chip gallery space that represents the accelerating symbiosis between modern corporate architecture and the culture industry.
In this case (FIGURE 3), its balls are on a 1mm grid, fanned out to vias at even spacing. Markers on the vias show the differential pair (N and P) and surrounding ground vias.