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adj. Informal
1. Having nothing due or owed on either side: an even-steven transaction.
2. Having a tied score, as in a game.

[even + the name Steven, used as rhyming slang.]




1. having no balance of debt; neither owing or being owed: Just buy me a drink and we're even-steven..
2. (General Sporting Terms) sport with an equal score
3. (General Sporting Terms) evenly matched
(General Sporting Terms) sport informal with an equal score


or e′ven-Ste′ven

(-ˈsti vən)

1. even (def. 10).
2. tied.
[1865–70; rhyming compound]
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Maybe it's because I'm called Steven that I like the result of even-steven so much.
The first was very much even-steven, we both went at it, it was a great game of football.
Ritchie said: "The first half was probably even-steven but in the second half we were under the cosh a bit.
The second half was even-steven but we scored the goals that mattered.
Obviously we wanted to go into the series even-steven for the fact that now if we split we're still one back,'' Brundage said.
At times we had some decent play but it was a very even-steven game.
Notts County were never going to come here and lie down, they are a big, strong physical team and I thought it was even-steven in the first-half, but we stepped up the gas after half-time and could have scored more goals than we did.
It was tough this morning, it seamed around and swung a bit and Derbyshire bowled very, very well but it's even-stevens on the scoreboard now.
He said on the night: "It's got to be even-stevens and we don't think it was.
It was even-stevens for the next half-hour with the interval score 10-0.
It was even-stevens in the first half and we put a little bit of pressure on them.