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Adj.1.even-toed - of or relating to or belonging to mammals of the order Artiodactylaeven-toed - of or relating to or belonging to mammals of the order Artiodactyla
zoological science, zoology - the branch of biology that studies animals
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Riyadh: An ancient sculpted rock, depicting camelids (even-toed ungulate mammals) and equids (a mammal of the horse family), has been found in the northern Saudi province of Al Jawf.
Linzey profiles the species by order: opossums; insectivores; bats; pikas, hares, and rabbits; rodents, carnivores; and even-toed ungulates.
Groves (biological anthropology, Australian National U.) and English zoologist Grubb (1942-2006), widely recognized as the world's leading ungulate taxonomist, show relationships between species of even-toed and odd-toed mammals with hooves, leaving out some of the more dubious groups often included for technical reasons, such as elephants and whales.
And though Kipp only ever really see these hump-backed creatures in desert safari camps and from the side of a cross country highway, we give these even-toed creatures a big thumbs up, having endured the desert's urbanisation and finding ways to integrate themselves into our concrete jungle.
ALL MOOSE OF North America and Europe belong to the scientific order Artiodactyla, which designates even-toed mammals, and the family Cervidae, which includes all deer.
About 60 years ago, researchers first suggested that cetaceans were related to plant-eating ungulates, specifically to even-toed, artiodactyl mammals like sheep, antelope and pigs.
The groove shows where two bones fuse together into something called a "cannon bone"--a defining characteristic of mammals from the group "even-toed" ungulates, which includes antelopes, deer, camels, and many domestic animal lineages such as pigs, sheep, goats, and cattle.