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Showing no partiality; fair.

e′ven·hand′ed·ly adv.
e′ven·hand′ed·ness n.
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Adv.1.evenhandedly - without favoring one party, in a fair evenhanded manner; "deal fairly with one another"
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As well as detailing his titanic successes that changed the form and content of the American musical theater, Prince evenhandedly reflects on the shows that didn't work, most memorably and painfully Merrily We Roll Along.
Sadly, the same standard isn't applied to all citizens evenhandedly, especially in these dark times where people push their agenda under the guise of patriotism and religion.
MP for Gaborone North Mr Haskings Nkaigwa noted that once in force, the law should not be used to target certain individuals, but that it should be applied evenhandedly.
It is true that the government has not been enforcing traffic rules and regulations at all, nor evenhandedly. Traffic enforcers merely look the other way while drivers violate all traffic rules with impunity.
Handsomely tall, impeccably turned out, dedicated to their profession and superbly fit without an ounce of fat, they laid down the law evenhandedly regardless of rank and status, even 'booking' the sitting Governor, for a traffic infringement.
Although Cirincione attempts to deal with such matters evenhandedly, his last chapter delves into promotion, which outlines the work of the Ploughshares Fund and other organizations devoted to nonproliferation.
The curators manoeuvre through the complexities of this past evenhandedly. They have made a conscientious effort, they state, to tell no one's story at the expense of another's, and they have selected a memorable range of objects, which tell stories across the divides between the major faiths that look to Jerusalem --and within the faiths themselves.
The award honors a judge who is "committed to preserving and improving the jury trial system; is knowledgeable, prepared and rules in a timely manner; follows the rules of law and applies them evenhandedly; demands professionalism from all lawyers; and maintains open and accessible working relationships with the trial bar."
Which is why I feel an added respect for Dana Schwartz's open letter to Jared Kushner, in which she evenhandedly asked her employer: What's up with your father-in-law's use of anti-Semitic symbolism in that anti-Hillary tweet that has (again) been utilized by KKK ringleader David Duke to embolden his masses?
The Minister called on the MPs to evenhandedly deals with positive and negatives points in the Audit Bureau reports.
A system has to ensure responsible use of data, protect privacy of research participants, and treat "all qualified data requesters and trial sponsors evenhandedly" requiring both generators and requesters to work according to the same rigorous scientific principles.
Judge Hillman found that both ordinances were narrowly tailored to serve a government interest, namely, public safety, are not unconstitutionally vague and "would be applied evenhandedly to all individuals engaging in such conduct.''