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At an unspecified future time: eventually rose to the position of vice president.


1. at the very end; finally
2. (as sentence modifier) after a long time or long delay: eventually, he arrived.


(ɪˈvɛn tʃu ə li)

finally; at some later time.



Be Careful!
Don't use 'eventually' when you mean that something might be true. Use possibly or perhaps.

Perhaps he'll call later.
1. 'eventually' or 'finally'

When something happens after a lot of delays or problems, you can say that it eventually happens or that it finally happens You use eventually when you want to emphasize that there were a lot of problems. You use finally when you want to emphasize the amount of time it took.

Eventually they got to the hospital.
I found Victoria Avenue eventually.
When John finally arrived, he said he'd lost his way.
2. 'finally'

You can also use finally to show that something happens last in a series of events.

The sky turned red, then purple, and finally black.

Don't use 'eventually' with this meaning, unless you want to emphasize that it happened after a lot of delays or problems.

You can also use finally to introduce a final point, ask a final question, or mention a final item.

Finally, Carol, can you tell us why you want this job?
Combine the flour and the cheese, and finally, add the milk.

Don't use 'eventually' with this meaning.

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Adv.1.eventually - after an unspecified period of time or an especially long delay


في النِّهايَهنَهَائِيَّاً
aî lokum, um síîir
cuối cùng


[ɪˈventʃʊəlɪ] ADV
1. (= finally) → finalmente, al final
he eventually agreed that she was rightfinalmente or al final admitió que ella tenía razón
he eventually became Prime Ministerfinalmente or con el tiempo llegó a ser primer ministro
2. (= at some future time) → con el tiempo
I'll get round to it eventuallylo haré con el tiempo


[ɪˈvɛntʃuəli] adv
(= finally) [arrive, leave] → finalement
(= ultimately) [plan, hope] → un jour
His activities eventually led him into politics
BUT Ses activités ont fini par l'amener à faire de la politique.


advschließlich; (= one day)eines Tages; (= in the long term)auf lange Sicht; they will take decisions on savings and eventually on redundanciessie werden Entscheidungen über Einsparungen und schließlich auch Entlassungen treffen; eventually your child will leave homeeines Tages wird Ihr Kind von zu Hause weggehen; this will eventually cause problemsdas bringt auf lange Sicht Probleme


[ɪˈvɛntʃʊəlɪ] adv (at last) → alla fine, finalmente
eventually the species will become extinct (given time) → la specie finirà per estinguersi


(iˈventʃuəl) adjective
happening in the end. their quarrel and eventual reconciliation.
eˌventuˈality (-ˈӕ-) plural eventuˈalities noun
a possible happening. We are ready for all eventualities.
eˈventually adverb
finally; at length. I thought he would never ask her to marry him, but he did eventually.


نَهَائِيَّاً nakonec omsider schließlich τελικά finalmente lopulta finalement konačno infine ついに 결국 uiteindelijk etter hvert ostatecznie eventualmente, finalmente в конце концов slutligen ในที่สุด sonuçta cuối cùng 终于


adv con el tiempo; Eventually it will go away..Con el tiempo se le va a quitar.
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BETHLEHEM, October 19, 2017 (WAFA) -- A Palestinian landowner succeeded in forcing Israeli settler squatters to leave his land to the south of Bethlehem they had set up a tent on in 2014 with an intention to eventually take it over, Hasan Breijiyeh, from the anti-settlement, anti-wall commission said on Thursday.
Warwickshire fought hard but the opposition was just too strong on this occasion and they eventually finished 103-139.
After a tight opening period, Liverpool pulled away from their opponents in the third guarter to eventually run out 71-54 winners.
According to the Tribune report, "a pilot program featuring blue [collection] carts for recyclables will eventually be expanded citywide.
00) provides another wordless picture book story: this revolving around a little milk spill at breakfast, which leads to a series of misadventure chain reactions that eventually disrupt everything.
William Koenig, director of the county's Emergency Medical Services, said about 30 hospitals will eventually be part of a network designed to expedite treatment for heart patients to improve their chances of survival.
Hennessy envisions the company eventually on equal footing in the area of tenant representation with firms such as Cushman & Wakefield and CB Richard Ellis, brokerage titans who both command a dominant share of the New York City market.
This keeps him safe for a while, though he hates that, but eventually he goes with the cavalry to Palestine.
Godel, as she portrays him, is a taciturn intellectual "a man who speaks only when spoken to and then only about mathematics," whose delusions and paranoia eventually drive him to madness.
Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane tells of Hugh Lane, who began his career in the arts as an apprentice painting restorer, became a London art dealer, and eventually amassed a collection of art which led to Ireland's most famous public art collections.
He was eventually convicted on obscenity charges in one of two cases involving him that went clear to the Supreme Court.
The Vatican has continually rejected the proposal because of its association with liberation theology and the expectation that the diocese would eventually ordain married men to the priesthood.