Blooming throughout the growing season.


(Botany) botany (of a plant) blooming repeatedly during the growing season


(ˈɛv ərˈblu mɪŋ)

in bloom throughout most of the growing months of the year.
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5 | Splash on Behr's Everblooming hue as an exterior accent for a vibrant and playful effect.
For example, Plant Patent 1 claimed '[a] climbing rose as herein shown and described, characterised by its everblooming habit', (54) while Plant Patent 28 claimed '[t]he rose as shown and described, characterized by the golden yellow color of its petals, the form and size of its bloom, its stiff long stem, the intense fragrance, and its remontant and everblooming habit.
This group is classified as a shrub and combines the fragrance of old garden roses and the everblooming power of modern roses.
The mixed pocket garden she designed to liven up the front entry pictured at left--filled with cool, soft purples and lemon yellows--is nearly everblooming.
The everblooming polyantha (The Fairy), with masses of light pink double blossoms that last all summer, will make a low hedge or even a container plant.
Everblooming Enterprises, a major distributor of ophthalmic devices in China, sponsored the trip.
Fuchsia-pink flowers are nearly everblooming in coastal areas of Southern California.
com) announced today it has entered into negotiations with Everblooming Enterprises Company of Philadelphia Penn.
Nearly everblooming plant with clusters of white flowers at the top of stems.
They are evergreen in mild climates and, where winters are mild and summers not excessively hot, nearly everblooming, with heaviest production in spring and fall.
Flowers are as early and everblooming as coreopsis.
Dense, upright, everblooming tree with tart, flavorful fruit