evergreen oak

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ev′ergreen oak′

any of several oaks, as the holm oak, having evergreen foliage.
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Noun1.evergreen oak - evergreen oak of southern Europe having leaves somewhat resembling those of hollyevergreen oak - evergreen oak of southern Europe having leaves somewhat resembling those of holly; yields a hard wood
oak tree, oak - a deciduous tree of the genus Quercus; has acorns and lobed leaves; "great oaks grow from little acorns"
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They were now loath to let her go, for, "If the fairies see you," they warned her, "they will mischief you, stab you to death or compel you to nurse their children or turn you into something tedious, like an evergreen oak." As they said this they looked with affected pity at an evergreen oak, for in winter they are very envious of the evergreens.
The stables, partly screened by Austrian pines and evergreen oaks, and fitted with every late appliance, were as dignified as Chapels-of-Ease.
Then he descended, a smile on his lips, and murmuring that last word of human philosophy, "Perhaps!" But instead of the darkness, and the thick and mephitic atmosphere he had expected to find, Dantes saw a dim and bluish light, which, as well as the air, entered, not merely by the aperture he had just formed, but by the interstices and crevices of the rock which were visible from without, and through which he could distinguish the blue sky and the waving branches of the evergreen oaks, and the tendrils of the creepers that grew from the rocks.
vi) Dry Temperate Evergreen Oak Scrub dominated by dry oak forest (Quercus baloot) in the lower valleys of Diamer District mainly in areas adjacent to Kohsitan District of KP between 1500 to 2500 m ASL.
Agricultural land of groves of around 19,000 olive trees, 34,000 evergreen oak trees, with the bark used for cork, and 3,700 acres for cereal production.
Describe the gardens and outside space: "Large established gardens front, side and rear, with manicured lawns and a variety of large established trees (all with conservation orders) including one of the few evergreen oak trees in the region.
As such, it is the most diverse nature reserve in the country, in terms of habitats and species, hosting several vegetation types, including the Phoenician Juniper, evergreen oak, sand dunes, acacia, and rocky sudanian.
Plant nursery species, such as lime, evergreen oak and beech, are trained to grow a perfectly straight stem and, once they've reached, say, three metres, they're encouraged to grow out and are then clipped into blocks, like rectangular-cubed lollipops.
Mann said the wood is live oak, an evergreen oak found in the south.
In sparse evergreen oak woodlands of southern Portugal, David et al.
The research found that the targeting of tree planting in the most polluted areas of the GLA area and particularly the use of a mixture of trees, including evergreens such as pines and evergreen oak, would have the greatest benefit to future air quality in terms of PM10 removal.
Norman Cowie, CCE is vice president, finance, Evergreen Oak Electric Supply and Sales Co.

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