every day

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every day

each day: He brings me the paper every day.
Not to be confused with:
everyday – ordinary, commonplace, usual: an everyday occurrence
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every day
1. 'everyday'

Everyday is an adjective. You use it to describe something that is normal and not exciting or unusual in any way.

...the everyday problems of living in the city.
Computers are a part of everyday life for most people.
2. 'every day'

Every day is an adverbial phrase. If something happens every day, it happens regularly each day.

Shanti asked the same question every day.
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Higher and higher every day, Till over the mast at noon-- The Wedding-Guest here beat his breast, For he heard the loud bassoon.
Every day, through the stony streets, the tumbrils now jolted heavily, filled with Condemned.
The blows of the basement hammer every day grew more and more between; and each blow every day grew fainter than the last; the wife sat frozen at the window, with tearless eyes, glitteringly gazing into the weeping faces of her children; the bellows fell; the forge choked up with cinders; the house was sold; the mother dived down into the long church-yard grass; her children twice followed her thither; and the houseless, familyless old man staggered off a vagabond in crape; his every woe unreverenced; his grey head a scorn to flaxen curls!
She sang him his favorite songs, showed him her album, making him write in it, did not allow him to allude to the past, letting it be understood how was the present; and every day he went away in a fog, without having said what he meant to, and not knowing what he was doing or why he came, or how it would all end.
Roquat the Red went every day into his tunnel to see how the work was getting along and to hurry his workmen as much as possible.
The Karenins, husband and wife, continued living in the same house, met every day, but were complete strangers to one another.
Think of ten days of this sort of pastime!--We go out every day in a boat and request them to come ashore.
Stopping a day at Annapolis, he visited the shop of a well-known optician and ordered seven powerful telescopes, one for every day in the week.
When the winter came the Grasshopper had no food and found itself dying of hunger, while it saw the ants distributing every day corn and grain from the stores they had collected in the summer.
How good it was to have Antonia near us again; to see her every day and almost every night!
He said much of his earnest desire of their living in the most sociable terms with his family, and pressed them so cordially to dine at Barton Park every day till they were better settled at home, that, though his entreaties were carried to a point of perseverance beyond civility, they could not give offence.
He went every day to fish very early, and each day he made a rule not to throw his nets more than four times.

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