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1. Appropriate for ordinary days or routine occasions: a suit for everyday wear.
2. Commonplace; ordinary: everyday worries.
The ordinary or routine day or occasion: "It was not an isolated, violent episode. It had become part of the everyday" (Sherry Turkle).

eve′ry·day′ness n.


the quality of being everyday; ordinariness, commonness
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Noun1.everydayness - ordinariness as a consequence of being frequent and commonplace
ordinariness, mundaneness, mundanity - the quality of being commonplace and ordinary
prosaicness, prosiness - commonplaceness as a consequence of being humdrum and not exciting
usualness - commonness by virtue of not being unusual
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GH: One of the things that does get moved over too quickly, I think -- especially because we are on the quarter system -- is something that fascinates me and theoretically engages me (probably because of where I'm from and when I grew up) which is the everydayness of protracted war.
Sometimes we overlook the beauty of stillness as we get lost in the scurrying pace of everydayness.
By conquering distances, linking authentic and interpreting voices, and conveying real-time immediacy, speed, and modernity, radio was the perfect means to propagate political information, to mobilize peoples enthusiasm and Stalinist myths, and to communicate what Soviet kul 'turnost', everydayness, and consumer plenty should look like.
While enjoying Korsaar's delicious dishes, its fairy-tale reminding environment, and the staff's spectacular work, one might even forget that just a few meters away people are struggling with everydayness.
The everydayness or averageness of the world entices people to blindly follow mainstream views, rules, or ideas; to get subsumed in routines and tasks of life; and to live as part of the collective mass rather than as a unique individual.
Thus, what is constituted here is an "intersubjective habituality" in which a "homeworld" is constituted, which, at bottom as well, has a bodily dimension, which can be seen by the bodily comportment of its members in their everydayness.
Accordingly, the spaces in which Khidmet Ikhwet Il-Rab was practiced beyond the Coptic Patriarchate highlight the everydayness of "other" modes of living as a Coptic Christian and of defending the economic and social needs of low-income Copts in contemporary Egypt.
Living in the Everydayness of HIV Infection: Experiences of Young African-American Women"
Day and weekend programs include creative expressions of the Spirit, contemplative practices, sustainable co-creation, finding the sacred in the everydayness of life, and human development.
The reader, however, has already been convinced by the many poems in which the everydayness of the examined life becomes lodged within what surrounds us.
The eight prints capture Coelho in an autumnal landscape, standing in open spaces, by the side of a road, close to a fence, while the video documents his journey, highlighting, in the ordinary everydayness of his surroundings, the apparent randomness of military events and their historical representation.