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or eve·ry·man  (ĕv′rē-măn′)
An ordinary person, representative of the human race.


1. (Theatre) a medieval English morality play in which the central figure represents mankind, whose earthly destiny is dramatized from the Christian viewpoint
2. (often not capital) the ordinary person; common man


(ˈɛv riˌmæn)

an ordinary person; the typical or average person.
[1905–10; after Everyman, a character in a 15th-century morality play]
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Noun1.everyman - the ordinary person
common man, common person, commoner - a person who holds no title


[ˈevrɪmæn] Nhombre m cualquiera, hombre m de la calle


nDurchschnittsmensch m; language that everyman and everywoman can understandeine Sprache, die der Durchschnittsmensch verstehen kann
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Like traitors deject, they thank God not for the pleasure that He to them meant, nor yet for their being that He them hath lent; He proffered the people great multitude of mercy, and few there be that asketh it heartily; they be so cumbered with worldly riches, that needs on them He must do justice, on Everyman living without fear.
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