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or eve·ry·man  (ĕv′rē-măn′)
An ordinary person, representative of the human race.


1. (Theatre) a medieval English morality play in which the central figure represents mankind, whose earthly destiny is dramatized from the Christian viewpoint
2. (often not capital) the ordinary person; common man


(ˈɛv riˌmæn)

an ordinary person; the typical or average person.
[1905–10; after Everyman, a character in a 15th-century morality play]
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Noun1.everyman - the ordinary person
common man, common person, commoner - a person who holds no title


[ˈevrɪmæn] Nhombre m cualquiera, hombre m de la calle


nDurchschnittsmensch m; language that everyman and everywoman can understandeine Sprache, die der Durchschnittsmensch verstehen kann
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In providing for both almsgiving and restitution, then, Everyman at last separates himself from the position targeted by the discourse of social complaint, extricating himself from social abuses rooted in avarice and taking a place among those who act morally, for the public good, with their wealth.
Play The King's Indian: A Complete Repertoire For Black In This Most Dynamic Of Openings by Joe Gallagher (English Grandmaster and winner of the 2001 British Championship) is the latest in a long list of first-rate Everyman Chess titles devoted to meticulous instruction, strategy, and tactics concerning specific chess techniques.
JUNE is male cancer awareness month and on behalf of the Everyman Campaign, I am asking everybody to join in the fun on June 27 and Go Sports Mad
GREEK myth, classic 20th-century tales and a chilling Christmas are among the new season highlights unveiled by Liverpool's Everyman and Playhouse.
BE BACK soon" announces the graffiti scrawled across the front of the Liverpool Everyman, now an empty building awaiting demolition.
LIVERPOOL'S L'SL Everyman is celebrating its first birthday.
IT WAS a day of two opposing emotions - sadness that the theatre as we know it was closing forever, and excitement that in two years' time a new Everyman will stand in its place.
PLAY premieres, physical theatre, collaborations and comedians have all be unveiled in the new Everyman and Playhouse spring season announced today.
Everyman Cinema has been revealed as the anchor tenant of the proposed Bell Yard scheme.
Liverpool's Everyman theatre has been named 'Building of the Year' in the regional round of the 2014 Royal Institute of British Architects Awards (RIBA).
The three-screen luxury Everyman Cinemas project is part of a largescale redevelopment of the mixed-use centre, due for completion in 2015.
EVERYMAN Theatre has announced details of its new season of plays at Chapter Arts Centre, kicking off with Shakespeare's classic Hamlet next month.