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a. All things or all of a group of things.
b. All relevant matters: told each other everything.
2. The most important fact or consideration: In business, timing is everything.


1. the entirety of a specified or implied class: she lost everything in the War.
2. a great deal, esp of something very important: she means everything to me.


(ˈɛv riˌθɪŋ)

1. every single thing; every particular of an aggregate or total; all.
2. something extremely important: This news means everything to us.


You use everything to refer to all the objects, actions, activities, or facts in a particular situation.

I don't agree with everything he says.
I will arrange everything.

After everything you use a singular form of a verb.

Usually everything is very informal.
Everything happens much more quickly.
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pronoun all, the whole, the total, the lot, the sum, the whole lot, the aggregate, the entirety, each thing, the whole caboodle (informal), the whole kit and caboodle (informal) Everything in my life seems to be going wrong at the moment.
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fear panphobia, pantophobia


An amount or quantity from which nothing is left out or held back:
Informal: work (used in plural).
Idioms: everything but the kitchen sink, lock, stock, and barrel, the whole ball of wax.
كُلُّ شَيْءكُل شَيءكلهكلهم
altaltingdet hele
सब कुछ
alltsérhvaî, allt
모두모든 것
altall tingallting
سب کچھ
mọi thứ


[ˈevrɪθɪŋ] PRONtodo
everything is readytodo está dispuesto
everything nice had been soldse había vendido todo lo bonito
he sold everythinglo vendió todo
everything you say is truees verdad todo lo que dices
time is everythingel tiempo lo es todo
money isn't everythingel dinero no lo es todo
he did everything possiblehizo todo lo posible
I've argued with him and everything, but he won't listenhe razonado y todo eso con él, pero no quiere escuchar


[ˈɛvriθɪŋ] prontout
Everything is ready → Tout est prêt.
You've thought of everything! → Tu as pensé à tout!
Have you remembered everything?
BUT Est-ce que tu n'as rien oublié?.
Money isn't everything
BUT L'argent ne fait pas le bonheur.
to do everything possible → faire tout son possible
He did everything possible → Il a fait tout son possible.
is everything OK? → tout va bien?
and everything → et tout


nalles; everything possible/oldalles Mögliche/Alte; everything you havealles, was du hast; is everything all right?ist alles in Ordnung?; time is everythingZeit ist kostbar; money isn’t everythingGeld ist nicht alles; money is everything to himGeld bedeutet ihm alles ? mean3 a


[ˈɛvrɪˌθɪŋ] prontutto, ogni cosa
everything is ready → è tutto pronto
everything you say is true → tutto ciò che dici è vero
this shop sells everything → questo negozio vende di tutto
he did everything possible → ha fatto tutto il possibile


(ˈevri) adjective
1. each one of or all (of a certain number). Every room is painted white; Not every family has a car.
2. each (of an indefinite number or series). Every hour brought the two countries nearer war; He attends to her every need.
3. the most absolute or complete possible. We have every reason to believe that she will get better.
4. used to show repetition after certain intervals of time or space. I go to the supermarket every four or five days; Every second house in the row was bright pink; `Every other day' means èvery two days' or `on alternate days'.
ˈeverybody, ˈeveryone pronoun
every person. Everyone thinks I'm right.
ˈeveryday adjective
1. happening, done used etc daily. her everyday duties.
2. common or usual. an everyday event.
ˈeverything pronoun
all things. Have you everything you want?
ˈeverywhere adverb
(in or to) every place. The flies are everywhere; Everywhere I go, he follows me.
every bit as
just as. You're every bit as clever as he is.
every now and then / every now and again / every so often
occasionally. We get a letter from him every now and then.
every time
1. always; invariably. We use this method every time.
2. whenever. Every time he comes, we quarrel.

everybody, ~everyone are singular: Everybody is (not are) tired / Everyone should buy his own ticket .
see also their.


كُلُّ شَيْء všechno alt alles καθετί todo kaikki tout sve tutto すべて 모든 것 alles alt wszystko tudo всё allt ทุกสิ่งทุกอย่าง her şey mọi thứ 每件事物


pron. todo.
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Mother didn't say anything about our money, and she won't wish us to give up everything.
The door closed and everything was dark and silent in the little side street.
Wakefield Damon, who had a curious habit of "blessing" everything that happened to strike his fancy.
Then I should have chosen a career for myself, I should have been a sluggard and a glutton, not a simple one, but, for instance, one with sympathies for everything sublime and beautiful.
At this very moment everything is standing awry to my eyes, for a man needs only to work late overnight in his writing of something or other for, in the morning, his eyes to be red, and the tears to be gushing from them in a way that makes him ashamed to be seen before strangers.
Thus everything except primary substances is either predicated of primary substances, or is present in them, and if these last did not exist, it would be impossible for anything else to exist.
I ought to have sent you an account of your cousin's first party, but I was lazy, and now it is too long ago; suffice it, that everything was just as it ought to be, in a style that any of her connexions must have been gratified to witness, and that her own dress and manners did her the greatest credit.
But, as a general thing, everything is intensely interesting; I don't mean only everything that this French lady tells me, but everything I see and hear for myself.
Mainwaring is indeed, beyond all compare, superior to Reginald--superior in everything but the power of being with me
Now, I mean by those combinations of government (which I ought to examine into, but have not yet done), namely, whether the deliberative department and the election of magistrates is regulated in a manner correspondent to an oligarchy, or the judicial to an aristocracy, or the deliberative part only to an oligarchy, and the election of magistrates to an aristocracy, or whether, in any other manner, everything is not regulated according to the nature of the government.
Anne of Austria, whose pride was superior to that of any creature breathing, overwhelmed her host by the contempt with which she treated everything handed to her.
Everything from the table napkins to the silver, china, and glass bore that imprint of newness found in the households of the newly married.

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