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v. e·vis·cer·at·ed, e·vis·cer·at·ing, e·vis·cer·ates
1. To remove the entrails of; disembowel.
2. To take away a vital or essential part of; weaken, damage, or destroy: a compromise that eviscerated the proposed bill.
3. Medicine
a. To remove the contents of (an organ).
b. To remove an organ, such as an eye, from (a patient).
v.intr. Medicine
To protrude through a wound or surgical incision.

[Latin ēviscerāre, ēviscerāt- : ē-, ex-, ex- + viscera, internal organs; see viscera.]

e·vis′cer·a′tion n.
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Noun1.evisceration - surgical removal of an organ (or the contents of an organ) from a patient
surgical operation, surgical procedure, surgical process, surgery, operation - a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments; performed to repair damage or arrest disease in a living body; "they will schedule the operation as soon as an operating room is available"; "he died while undergoing surgery"
2.evisceration - the act of removing the bowels or viscera; the act of cutting so as to cause the viscera to protrude
remotion, removal - the act of removing; "he had surgery for the removal of a malignancy"
3.evisceration - altering something (as a legislative act or a statement) in such a manner as to reduce its value; "the adoption of their amendments would have amounted to an evisceration of the act"
devaluation - the reduction of something's value or worth
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n. evisceración, extirpación del contenido de una víscera o de una cavidad.
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Trump's tax cuts, his evisceration of labor laws, filling his cabinet and sub-cabinet with corporate cronies, the rollbacks of health, safety, environmental, and financial regulations have made the elite far richer at the expense of average Americans.
West Midlands Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney said the Conservatives' dismal failure in the recent European elections showed the party is in a fight for its survival, and claimed only Mr Johnson could stop a "complete evisceration" by delivering Brexit.
Ateneo destroys EAC, enters PBA D-League playoffs !-- -- (Philstar.com) - April 25, 2019 - 3:12pm MANILA, Philippines Cignal-Ateneo progressed to the 2019 PBA D-League playoffs with a 44-point evisceration of Batangas-EAC, 90-46, Thursday at Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig.
Among the products the company manufactures are evisceration and picking equipment, second processing equipment, wing segmenters, vacuum systems, and spare parts.
Other causes included musculoskeletal disorders in emus (particularly hand-reared) and rheas; trauma in neonate ostriches, mainly due to crushing by parents; leg deformities in emu chicks and juveniles; general sepsis in hand-reared ratite chicks due to a chlamydiosis outbreaks (1989-1990); trauma by conspecifics in subadult ostriches and emus; stress myopathy in subadult rheas, particularly after introduction to a new enclosure; evisceration inflicted by herbivorous enclosure mates on adult male ostriches; fatal peritonitis following salpingitis in adult female ostriches; and death associated with ocular disorder in adult male emus.
Even before her savage evisceration of "grease monkeys" Tyrone and Kevin in the Rovers, Mary was far and away Weatherfield's funniest character.
This is called evisceration," Locsin said in his tweet, apparently referring to people who were closely identified with the Aquino administration.
Issie stood in the flow of wind, looking out, and was suddenly overcome by the smell of the mudflats, rank with evisceration and decay.
1 case of S.aureus eventually underwent evisceration
While most handlebar injuries are superficial due to focal force applied to the abdominal wall, it can also result in severe internal organ injury, traumatic abdominal wall hernia (TAWH) and evisceration. Abdominal evisceration secondary to blunt trauma is exceedingly rare form of TAWH.
Flip through any newspaper in Pakistan and behold the evisceration of Khan and his policies.
The unit will provide eye check-up, evisceration, corneal repair and cataract surgeries among other specialised treatments.