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tr.v. e·voked, e·vok·ing, e·vokes
1. To give rise to; draw forth; produce: words that evoked a smile; actions that evoked mistrust.
2. To call to mind, as by suggestion, association, or reference: songs that evoke old memories; a speech that evoked the words of Jefferson.
3. To create anew, especially by means of the imagination: a novel that accurately evokes the Depression.
4. To summon by magical or supernatural power; conjure.

[Latin ēvocāre : ē-, ex-, ex- + vocāre, to call; see wekw- in Indo-European roots.]

ev′o·ca·ble (ĕv′ə-kə-bəl, ĭ-vō′kə-) adj.
Synonyms: evoke, educe, elicit
These verbs mean to draw forth or bring out something latent, hidden, or unexpressed: a smell that evoked childhood memories; words that educed powerful emotions in the listeners; tried to elicit the truth from the reluctant witness.


(ˈɛv ə kə bəl, ɪˈvoʊ kə-)

capable of being evoked.