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archaic an exclamation of Bacchic frenzy
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By Nysa's bastion ivy-clad, By shores with clustered vineyards glad, There to thee the hymn rings out, And through our streets we Thebans shout, All hall to thee Evoe, Evoe!
2) Brightest of all the orbs that breathe forth light, Authentic son of Zeus, immortal king, Leader of all the voices of the night, Come, and thy train of Thyiads with thee bring, Thy maddened rout Who dance before thee all night long, and shout, Thy handmaids we, Evoe, Evoe!
Thee too I call with golden-snooded hair, Whose name our land doth bear, Bacchus to whom thy Maenads Evoe shout; Come with thy bright torch, rout, Blithe god whom we adore, The god whom gods abhor.
Dioniso, o deus tauriforme--"Evoe, Baco!"--por ocasiao das
Croneborg came out of the water six minutes behind two-time winner Dylan McNeice and Patrick Evoe. Misfortune struck on the bike course at kilometer 36 when he got a flat tire, but a quick repair and some hard work helped him minimize the damage to only four minutes down at the bike-to-run transition.
After all, few paying customers would see any lineage between a Volvo S80 and a Range Rover EvoE que, but it's there in the DNA of their fundamental metalwork.
Fitzgerald, a late flowering English writer, was Ronald Knox's niece, and the daughter of 'Evoe' Knox, long-time editor of London's Punch magazine.
" As well as supporting Franthe Heartstrings, Cohesion also supported Drenge on thetour, played this year's EvoE Emerging and will be playing aFestival on August 10 and BeFestival on August 30.
Separation and detection of the components and metabolites of SHLI were performed on a Waters Acquit UPLC chromatographic system (Waters Corp., Milford, USA) equipped with a Evoe G2 Q/TOF (Waters MS Technologies, Manchester, UK).
her distinguished father "Evoe" Knox, longtime editor of