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 (ĕv′ə-lo͞ot′, ē′və-)
n. Mathematics
The locus of the centers of curvature of a given curve.

[From Latin ēvolūtus, past participle of ēvolvere, to unroll; see evolve.]
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(Mathematics) a geometric curve that describes the locus of the centres of curvature of another curve (the involute). The tangents to the evolute are at right angles to the involute
(Biology) biology having the margins rolled outwards
[C19: from Latin ēvolūtus unrolled, from ēvolvere to roll out, evolve]
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(ˈɛv əˌlut; esp. Brit. ˈi və-)

Geom. the locus of the centers of curvature of, or the envelope of the normals to, another curve. Compare involute (def. 5).
[1720–30; < Latin ēvolūtus; see evolve]
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