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(ɪˈvʌls; iːˈvʌls)
vb (tr)
to pluck out; to remove by force



v.t. e•vulsed, e•vuls•ing.
to extract forcibly: to evulse an infected molar. Compare avulse.
e•vul′sion, n.
[1820–30; < Latin ēvusus, past participle of ēvellere to pluck out]
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Although this may not require full evulsion of the skin, it may be necessary to evulse the proximal portion of the nail plate to expose the matrix more completely.
"I find it useful sometimes to mark the proximal nail fold, so that once you evulse the nail, if you no longer see any pigmentation there, you can at least make the elliptical incision around the area where you established that it existed," he advised.