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A forcible extraction.

[Latin ēvolsiō, ēvolsiōn-, from ēvulsus, past participle of ēvellere, to pull out : ē-, ex-, ex- + vellere, to pull.]


rare the act of extracting by force
[C17: from Latin ēvulsiō, from ēvellere, from vellere to pluck]
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Also, in one case, ureteroneocystostomy was applied due to ureter evulsion.
Solo dos alternativas tiene el advenimiento de la Raza resurrecta; significara o la ciega destruccion demoniaca lucha de razas, o la evulsion creadora con termino en el Pacto o Contractus, estabilizador vital de todas las variedades etnicas asentadas en el "habitat" peruano.
He cited excessive weight training as the reason for the evulsion fracture of the rib he suffered after leaving Scotland - muscle was torn from the bone - and it effectively ended his season.
Although this may not require full evulsion of the skin, it may be necessary to evulse the proximal portion of the nail plate to expose the matrix more completely.