ex hypothesi

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ex hy·poth·e·si

 (ĕks′ hī-pŏth′ĭ-sī′)
By hypothesis.

[New Latin ex hypothesī : Latin ex, out of, by + Latin hypothesī, ablative of hypothesis, hypothesis.]

ex hypothesi

(ɛks haɪˈpɒθəsɪ)
in accordance with or following from the hypothesis stated
[C17: New Latin]
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Walter Bagehot in his book on the English Constitution said that the monarch still has'the right to be consulted, the right to encourage, the right to warn,' and ex hypothesi the inherent right to preserve the unity of the kingdom.
The necessitarian will claim that given a particular set of circumstances, the cause will necessitate its effect; ex hypothesi there could be no interferer.
The supporter of the principle is then forced to admit that although there are ex hypothesi two objects in that universe, there is no property (except trivial ones), not even relational ones, to distinguish them, and hence the necessary version of the principle is falsified.
Ante el determinismo spinoziano responde con una diferenciacion de las modalidades de necesidad: la importante distincion entre necessitas fatali y necessitas ex hypothesi, que constituira el nucleo de la teoria leibniziana de la libertad, una posicion intermedia entre el azar y el determinismo absoluto:
As such, it could not achieve, ex hypothesi, the monolithic drama that is so stunningly played out in this firm's reworking of 1095 Avenue of the Americas, formerly the universally disparaged New York Telephone Building and now one of the ornaments of Bryant Park.
Sin lugar a dudas, es legitimo decir que el tema de este pasaje es el filosofo-rey de la Republica, aun cuando no se haga uso de la formula como tal y aun cuando la concepcion que se hace del filosofo en la Republica no coincida necesariamente con la del individuo ex hypothesi politicamente competente de las Leyes.
This claim is not in clash with the idea (endorsed by some interpreters of quantum mechanics), that parallel universes causally effect events in our universe, for our world and worlds that allegedly causally interact with it are ex hypothesi part of the same world.
Fogleman acknowledges such interpretive alternatives but dismisses them without critique, opting instead simply to insist, apparently ex hypothesi, that the Moravians' gender challenge was the root cause of the violence.
However, because the various entities in question (the UN, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Court, and various nongovernmental organizations, among others) are to have, ex hypothesi, conflicting aims--if one group's priority is A and another's is B, then they are, in virtue of this fact alone, in conflict--it is quite unclear how disputes between them might be resolved.
How hard it is for even those most committed to their Christian faith not to assume, like this scribbler, that if there is a god he must be, ex hypothesi, the ultimate Nice Guy.
Ex hypothesi these men have a low testosterone/gonadotropin ratio before, as well as after, disease onset.
The precise Matt/Luke agreement in the confession of Jesus as `Lord, Lord' must belong to Q and therefore ex hypothesi antedate SM; Q scarcely had Pauline Gentile Christians in mind, indeed much more likely had Christian Jews in mind, whose confession of Jesus as Lord in a Palestinian setting is made plausible enough by 1 Cor.