ex libris

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ex li·bris

 (ĕks lī′brĭs, lē′-)
n. pl. ex libris

[From Latin ex librīs, from the books : ex, from + librīs, ablative pl. of liber, book.]

ex libris

(ɛks ˈliːbrɪs)
(Library Science & Bibliography) from the collection or library of: frequently printed on bookplates
(Heraldry) a bookplate bearing the owner's name, coat of arms, etc
[C19: from Latin, literally: from the books (of)]

ex li•bris

(ɛks ˈli brɪs, ˈlaɪ-)

adv., n., pl. -bris. adv.
1. from the library of (a phrase inscribed in or on a book before the name of the owner).
[1875–80; < Latin: from the books (of)]

ex libris

A Latin phrase meaning from the library of, used to mean a bookplate.
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Noun1.ex libris - a label identifying the owner of a book in which it is pastedex libris - a label identifying the owner of a book in which it is pasted
gummed label, paster, sticker - an adhesive label
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Barnett and John Lane Mullins were the driving forces in the development and popularisation of the bookplate in Australia in the first half of the last century, Barnett through his prodigious production of a variety of interesting and beautiful books about Australian bookplates, and Lane through his Presidency of The Australian Ex Libris Society.
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Bookplates, or ex libris, labels pasted inside books to denote ownership, have been in use in Europe since shortly after the invention of printing from moveable type.