ex parte

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ex par·te

 (ĕks pär′tē)
adj. Law
1. Of or relating to an action taken in a legal proceeding by one party without the presence or participation of the opposing party: an ex parte hearing.
2. Of or relating to such an action taken in a manner that is not permitted due to the risk of undue influence or interference: an ex parte conversation with the judge.

[Latin : ex, from + parte, ablative of pars, part, side.]

ex parte adv.

ex parte

(ɛks ˈpɑːtɪ)
(Law) law (of an application in a judicial proceeding) on behalf of one side or party only: an ex parte injunction.

ex par•te

(ɛks ˈpɑr ti)
1. from or on one side only of a dispute, as in a divorce action.
2. one-sided; partial.
[1665–75; < Latin]

ex parte

adj, adv (Jur) → einseitig, (seitens) einer Partei
References in classic literature ?
If to this be added the fact that, in consequence of the ex parte application of the spur, one side of the mare appeared to journey faster than the other; and that the aggrieved flank was resolutely indicated by unremitted flourishes of a bushy tail, we finish the picture of both horse and man.
NYSE: NTIP) today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") issued Notice of Intent to Issue Ex Parte Reexamination Certificate ("NIRC") rejecting another challenge to the patentability of Network-1's Remote Power Patent (U.
THE ex parte decree issued two weeks ago for the removal of a cross breed American Staffordshire Terrier from its owner has been renewed for 15 more days.
SCE s ex parte notice filed today with the CPUC references a conversation Stephen Pickett, former SCE executive vice president of External Relations, had in March 2013 with Michael Peevey, then president of the CPUC.
A federal judge threw out part of Florida's new medical malpractice law that allowed defendant health care providers and their representatives to have ex parte communications with a plaintiff's doctors.
2000-43 and updated the rules on ex parte communications between IRS Office of Appeals (Appeals) employees and employees of other IRS functions.
Schaumberg and to conduct an ex parte private predeposition conference with her.
PCH later filed a "Motion to Permit Ex Parte Communications Between Counsel and Phoenix Children's Hospital Employees Who Treated Plaintiff Alesha Riddle.
A third party has filed Ex Parte Reexamination against US Patent Number 7,991,764.
The KESC authorities say that the account freezing was an ex parte action.