ex tempore

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Adv.1.ex tempore - without preparation; "I don't know the figures off-hand"
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All of which brings us to this ex tempore discussion featuring new scholarship by Mironov on the working class in 1917, followed by responses from three authorities--Sarah Badcock, Diane Koenker, and William Rosenberg--each an expert on Russian labor and social history as well as the broader history of the revolutionary era.
The original instrument performance under Sigiswald Kuijken is neat and alert, matched by firm choral singing from Ex Tempore. The 2002 recording is well balanced and now reissued on Hyperion's mid-price Helios label.
Using a unique cache of data only recently made available, this Article explores ex tempore contracting through a novel dispute management system now prevalent in the construction industry called a "dispute board." These expert panels radically reduce the cost and frequency of litigation by determining the parties' responsibilities whenever the parties wish, including in the course of performance.
"We should stop sending messages to the European Union that Ministers are ready to sign a memorandum (with the Troika) but the President objects," he told in ex tempore remarks during an address at the Cyprus Investment Promotion Authority Annual General Meeting.
The astrologers were old enough, kind enough not to tell the hobos their books were rain-bleared past the point of comprehension, instead composing ex tempore tales of marooning and shanghai, whole narrative universes constructed around the premise that no one is ever where they want to be.
Colonel Gaddafi, dressed in a brown robe embroidered with a map of Africa, spoke ex tempore with the aid of notes hand-written on a yellow legal pad.
His ex tempore lectures were followed by a series of questions, and once a Dutch South African minister shed tears of shame at the horrors of the race problem.
His last book was a series of lectures, The Elsewhere Community, spoken ex tempore for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, transcribed.
Uta Schwabe; Christoph Genz; Stephan Genz; Ex Tempore; La Petite Bande/ Sigiswald Kuijken.
If, however, his words were a gratuitous and ex tempore form of meddling, then while those who agree might take solace, those who see things differently may simply chose to go on with their lives without taking much notice.