ex vivo

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ex vi·vo

 (ĕks′ vē′vō)
adv. & adj.
In an artificial environment outside a living organism: cells surviving ex vivo; ex vivo gene therapy.

[New Latin ex vivō, out of the living (organism) : Latin ex, out of, from + Latin vīvō, ablative of vīvus, living, a living body.]
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Adj.1.ex vivo - in an artificial environment outside the living organism; "in vitro fertilization"
Adv.1.ex vivo - in an artificial environment outside the living organism; "an egg fertilized in vitro"
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Sangamo's platform will be utilised to produce new ex vivo cell therapies in oncology.
The company will use Sangamos platform to develop next-generation ex vivo cell therapies in oncology.
Methods: Male Sprague-Dawley rats were assigned to 2 sets of experimental protocols: Ex vivo and in vivo treatment and resuscitation.
Although several variations of this technology exist for ex vivo applications, which typically destroy the tissue being examined, only in vivo CM provides a noninvasive window into living skin for basic and clinical research, without damaging the tissue.
Chapters look at hydrophilic, mineral and pyrolytic carbon coatings in and ex vivo orthopaedic applications and finally at surface modification and preparation techniques.
based Epistem (UK: EHP) on November 19 unveiled a novel ex vivo plucked hair biomarker assay at a cancer therapeutics symposium in Berlin.
Their topics include murine hematopoietic stem cell transduction using retroviral vectors, T-cell culture for gamma-retroviral transfer, in vivo and ex vivo gene transfer in thymoctytes and their precursors, release testing of retroviral vectors and gene-modified cells, canine models, retroviral insertion site analysis in dominant hematopoietic clones, quantifying genomic mutations in murine cells, special karyotyping and fluorescence in situ hybridization of murine cells, and US and European Union regulatory perspectives on the clinical use of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells genetically modified ex vivo by retroviral vectors.
Under the protocol, patients will also receive autologous dendritic cells (DC) processed ex vivo in addition to the TCR-gene transduced PBMCs, that are expected to enable enhancement of patients' immunity to attack the melanoma cells.
BioVec, LLC (Chicago, IL) has patented methods and compositions for treatment of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular diseases using ex vivo and in vivo gene delivery technologies.
Ex vivo study results showed that VitaGranate stimulated PON I in human serum by as much as 47%.
When measured ex vivo in embryo lysates, 1,000 [micro]g/kg EP already significantly induced luciferase activity (Figure 2).
8 million from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs for the pre- clinical development of ex vivo gene therapy using interleukin-10 (IL-10) in patients suffering from Crohn's disease.