ex vivo

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ex vi·vo

 (ĕks′ vē′vō)
adv. & adj.
In an artificial environment outside a living organism: cells surviving ex vivo; ex vivo gene therapy.

[New Latin ex vivō, out of the living (organism) : Latin ex, out of, from + Latin vīvō, ablative of vīvus, living, a living body.]
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Adj.1.ex vivo - in an artificial environment outside the living organism; "in vitro fertilization"
Adv.1.ex vivo - in an artificial environment outside the living organism; "an egg fertilized in vitro"
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[Figure 2]a shows the changes in the left ventricular generated pressure (LVGP) the end of the 1 h ex vivo resuscitation following HS.
Part two discusses metalloproteins in in vivo and ex vivo energy production, including native hydrogenase, bio-inspired hydrogen production, and artificial metalloenzymes.
This grant will allow the consortium to develop a clinically compliant process to expand cord blood stem cells ex vivo using Plasticell's media, allowing more patients to be treated with this life-saving therapy.
The INTERCEPT Blood System recently received FDA approval for ex vivo preparation of pathogen-reduced plasma and platelet components in order to reduce the risk of transfusion-transmitted infection (TTI).
Ex vivo intact organ cultures have become an excellent model for analysing normal and impaired organogenesis.
Here we investigated an 8-channel microfluidic device in assessing ASA phenotype by use of fluorescently labeled platelets with ASA added to whole blood ex vivo, either before or 24 h after ASA intake by healthy individuals.
Notably, the reductions in the bone formation rate, plasma osteocalcin levels, and ex vivo osteoblast gene expression 8 weeks post-ovariectomy are all returned to levels of sham-operated controls.
Ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) has emerged as an essential tool for the reassessment, under a controlled scenario, of lungs from heart-beating donors (HBDs) that initially did not meet transplantation criteria [3-8].
ACI has already conducted preclinical studies of its technology, which revealed high in vivo diagnostic sensitivity and specificity for detecting multiple rodent breast cancer metastases in lymph nodes and in ex vivo studies with human breast cancer patient tissue, the company said.Country: USASector: BiotechnologyTarget: Avelas Biosciences IncBuyer: Avalon VenturesDeal size in USD: 7.7mType: VCStatus: Closed
The study confirmed the presence of unmetabolized PACs in the urinary tract after consumption, supporting a wealth of existing ex vivo research that highlights the potential benefits of the compounds found in cranberry juice.
Vitrolife AB, Gothenburg, Sweden, announced it has submitted an application to the US Food and Drug Administration seeking approval of Steen Solution, a product used for cleansing and evaluation of lungs outside the body (ex vivo) before transplantation.