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Noun1.ex-spouse - a person who was formerly a spouse
adult, grownup - a fully developed person from maturity onward
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This process was important to the mother because to mothers, it was their children's "health and life," similar to the reasons why they got along with their ex-spouse.
In such cases, he said, fake accusations of violence against fathers are not uncommon nor is the phenomenon of ex-spouses threatening to drag out final custody hearings indefinitely.
The stock options will be subject to FICA and FUTA taxes when the nonemployee ex-spouse exercises them.
Beyond cost, COBRA for ex-spouses will last no more than 36 months.
suspends benefits, the dependent ex-spouse will also lose access to benefits during the suspension.
Additionally, it is unclear what happens to the spousal benefit if the ex-spouse suspends his or her own benefit.
An appeals court determined that posthumous nunc pro tunc orders filed by the ex-spouse of a retirement plan participant in Connecticut are valid qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs)-and thus have sufficient standing to direct the flow of the deceased's retirement plan assets in three retirement plans he participated in.
If you do not have one, it is strongly advisable to protect yourself and your future assets by proposing it now to your ex-spouse.
It is a common occurrence for estate planning attorneys to receive frantic calls from clients the day before or after their divorce is finalized seeking the immediate removal of their ex-spouse from their estate planning documents.
DEAR MISS MANNERS: What is the proper etiquette for an ex-spouse going to the other's home unannounced?
The disenfranchised; stories of life and grief when an ex-spouse dies.
Likely abuses would include, "spying on protesters merely because they are exercising their constitutionally protected right to petition the government, or unofficial ones, like tracking an ex-spouse.