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Noun1.ex-spouse - a person who was formerly a spouse
adult, grownup - a fully developed person from maturity onward
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(121) Absent evidence that the decedent did in fact wish for the ex-spouse to receive the proceeds, the court may presume the decedent's intent was to withhold the proceeds from the ex-spouse, much like traditional revocation-by-divorce statutes presume a decedent's intent with respect to wills and all other will substitutes.
For example, the last thing most family businesses need is an ex-spouse attempting to gain control over a family business.
If you haven't done so already, update your will and any other documents that name your ex-spouse as beneficiary.
I have seen annulments used as instruments of anger to say to the ex-spouse "you never existed." And too often little thought is given to the impact on the children.
The program fee ($10 per month) is ordered by the court to be paid by the ex-spouse whose payments are being monitored.
A 50-page inquiry report submitted before the Supreme Court said no evidence was found that the family of Khawar Maneka, the ex-spouse of first lady Bushra Khan, was singled out or intentionally targeted during the incidents that took place on August 5 and 23.
When a widow or widower, or a surviving ex-spouse, waits until age 60 or later to remarry, they preserve the right to collect Social Security benefits on their deceased spouse's earnings record.
But if he does not, the policyholder may rename the ex-spouse as beneficiary.<br />We consider here whether applying Minnesota's automatic revocation rule to a beneficiary designation made before the statute's enactment violates the Contracts Clause of the Constitution.
Former 'Murder, She Wrote' actress Angela Lansbury talked candidly about her gay ex-spouse, the late actor Richard Cromwell.
Moreover, the documents do not have any mention of loan taken from Imran's ex-spouse Jemima Goldsmith in connection with purchase of PTI chief's Bani Gala residence.