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He said nothing, however, and his conduct greatly astonished me; yet I thought it prudent not to exacerbate the growing moodiness of his temper by any comment.
First of all, we should do everything for the conflict to further exacerbate in social networks.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / - Vice President Nuri al-Maliki said that what happened recently in Syria will exacerbate the situation and complicate the crisis and does not give an opportunity for dialogue and peaceful political solutions.
Planners exacerbate traffic flow fiasco YOUR inveterate correspondent, S T Vaughan, again hits the nail firmly on the head concerning his city centre traffic experience of traffic flow fiasco.
Summary: Prime Minister Saad Hariri Tuesday condemned a ballistic missile attack on Saudi Arabia, warning that it would only further exacerbate regional tensions.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran blasted the US plan to send 250 military forces to Syria without coordination with the Damascus government, saying that such a measure will exacerbate the critical situation in the Arab country.
NNA - The United States on Wednesday reiterated its opposition to Israel's decision to build more settler homes in East Jerusalem, saying the move could "exacerbate" an already-tense situation there.
TEHRAN, (SANA)_ Speaker of Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larijani, on Sunday stressed that the NATO's decision to deploy Patriot missiles in Turkey will have bad consequences on the region and exacerbate problems in it.
There can be no better way to exacerbate division in our already badly fractured society.
Chapters cover how to recognize the serious medical condition of true depression, Biblical insights into depression, information about brain chemistry and depression, how to adopt a grace-filled lifestyle of letting go, how to recognize patterns of thinking that exacerbate depression and put a stop to them, communal strategies for combating depression that is too overwhelming to face alone, and much more.
Indeed, he told Science News, "trying to engage socially at a time their body clock is telling them to sleep may exacerbate their [psychosis]." That's why, he argues, efforts to repair clock rhythm through light or sleep therapy might reduce the severity of some schizophrenia symptoms.
Multiple potential stimuli to AVP secretion can exacerbate fluid retention at any time during prolonged exercise (21,61).