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1. Making severe demands; rigorous: an exacting instructor.
2. Requiring great care, effort, or attention: an exacting task.

ex·act′ing·ly adv.
ex·act′ing·ness n.


n because of his exactingness as a teacherda er ein so anspruchsvoller Lehrer ist
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She was oppressed by ennui, and by that dissatisfaction which in women's minds is continually turning into a trivial jealousy, referring to no real claims, springing from no deeper passion than the vague exactingness of egoism, and yet capable of impelling action as well as speech.
The President criticized the passivity of local executive authorities and the lack of public exactingness to them.
But, while I readied myself to watch an operation of cutting edge precision and exactingness, what I got instead was a bloke called Dan sloshing about the murk and "having a wee dig" at the offending item.
As Table 3 indicates, all constructs of the analyzed model meet the minimum threshold of exactingness set by the literature even if they are not always very high.
In his memoirs, Zhukov praises Stalin for having saved Moscow: "By his strict exactingness Stalin achieved, one can say, the near impossible." But he also strives to portray himself as his own man, distancing himself from some of Stalin's blunders.