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1. Strictly and completely in accord with fact; not deviating from truth or reality: an exact account; an exact replica; your exact words.
2. Characterized by accurate measurements or inferences with small margins of error; not approximate: an exact figure; an exact science.
3. Characterized by strict adherence to standards or rules: an exact speaker.
tr.v. ex·act·ed, ex·act·ing, ex·acts
1. To force the payment or yielding of; extort: exact tribute from a conquered people.
2. To demand and obtain by force or authority: a harsh leader who exacts obedience.
3. To inflict (vengeance or punishment, for example).

[Latin exāctus, past participle of exigere, to weigh out, demand : ex-, ex- + agere, to weigh; see ag- in Indo-European roots.]

ex·act′a·ble adj.
ex·act′ness n.
ex·ac′tor, ex·act′er n.
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There is not on earth a more merciless exactor of love from others than a thoroughly selfish woman; and the more unlovely she grows, the more jealously and scrupulously she exacts love, to the uttermost farthing.
Generator network acts as a feature exactor that can eliminate the rain streaks while encoding the image contents.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 27, 2017-Intuit Expands QuickBooks Platform with Acquisition of Exactor
Esse homem, que contava mais de 80 anos, e descrito como "antigo coletor da Vila de Miranda que ali gozara de certa importancia, pois cumulava suas funcoes de exactor da fazenda publica o exercicio de advogado provisionado, ou antes, de rabula".
This latter room is decorated in farmhouse style with quarry tile flooring, a range of floor and wall mounted cupboards, Belfast sink, space for a fridge freezer and dishwasher, gas hob with exactor hood above and chimney with gas log burner style fire.
Each team consisted of the exactor mortis or centurion, and four soldiers called the quaternio.
LDA (linear discriminate analysis) is a popular linear feature exactor. The key step is to find a transform matrix Q [member of] [R.sup.Dxd] under the condition of Fisher criterion maximized, where D is the number of dimension in original dataset and X and d are the number of Y's dimension [17]:
Currently, the SSUTA website lists the following CSPs: Avalara, Automatic Data Processing, Accurate Tax, Exactor, Fed-Tax, and CCH ("Certified Service Providers," Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board Inc., http://www.stream-lined.salestax.org/index.php?page=Ceitified-Service-Providers).