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tr.v. ex·am·ined, ex·am·in·ing, ex·am·ines
a. To observe carefully or critically; inspect: examined the room for clues.
b. To study or analyze: examine a tissue sample under a microscope; examine the structure of a novel; examine one's own motives.
2. To test or check the condition or health of: examine a patient.
3. To determine the qualifications, aptitude, or skills of by means of questions or exercises: Students are examined with standardized tests.
4. To question formally, as to elicit facts or information; interrogate: examine a witness under oath. See Synonyms at ask.

[Middle English examinen, from Old French examiner, from Latin exāmināre, from exāmen, a weighing out, from exigere, to weigh out; see exact.]

ex·am′in·a·ble adj.
ex·am′in·er n.
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In Kenya, arts and crafts is no longer an examinable subject in primary school.
80 schools will implement either the examinable Physical Education Leaving Certificate subject or the new Senior Cycle Physical Education Framework which is not for examination, or both.
There is nothing more important to an individual than their health and the introduction of PE as an examinable is an important first step.
Quality exposure to the curriculum, effective teaching and learning invariably elicit good feedback in terms of the relative quality of grades for those parts of the curriculum that are examinable or quantifiable.
Data on provincial Grade 10 and Grade 12 examinable courses (2004-2008).
To highlight the importance of the programme, students were informed that the material was core curriculum and examinable in both written exams and their practical Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCEs).
Thirdly, Arts and Culture education was introduced to schools through circulars, it has no syllabus and is not examinable.
Agriculture is no longer an examinable subject in primary schools in Kenya.
The impact on the real engine by changing vehicle parameters is efficiently examinable.
A different number of examinable ejaculates could be collected from the 6 males, and the 3 keas that were housed in pairs with the females gave a greater number of samples.
In addition, it is not an examinable subject, as such, even our teachers do not consider it seriously.
The outsourcing of arts teaching has freed teachers from art classes and allowed them to concentrate on other, examinable subjects.