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Noun1.examination paper - a written examinationexamination paper - a written examination    
exam, examination, test - a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge; "when the test was stolen the professor had to make a new set of questions"
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And when I turned in my last examination paper I was in full possession of a splendid case of brain-fag.
This passage is printed on the examination paper, and it would naturally be an immense advantage if the candidate could prepare it in advance.
It was not really a happy question to ask him; it was like an examination paper that asks grammar, when what you want to be asked is Kings of England.
It's very naughty of me, but I would like to set an examination paper at Dover, and turn back every tourist who couldn't pass it."
Miller, seated with Miss Wilson in the study, correcting examination papers, heard in the distance a cry like that of a cat in distress.
He said that the mechanism of an examination paper should be based on Knowledge of fundamental theories, analyzing the corporate governess level problems, meeting standard, developing CG standard, and skill of developing top management strategies.
Sahiwal -- A youngster allegedly committed suicide after his demand for rechecking the examination paper was refused in Sahiwal.
The hearing was told how Lim told two student nurses confidential information about the content of a mental health examination paper they would be sitting.
1 (ANI): Madhya Pradesh's Special Task Force (STF) on Sunday detained two agents and 48 aspirants for their alleged role in leaking a Food Corporation of India (FCI) examination paper.

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