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1. A bishop in the Eastern Orthodox Church ranking immediately below a patriarch.
2. The ruler of a province in the Byzantine Empire.

[Late Latin exarchus, an overseer, from Greek exarkhos, from exarkhein, to lead : ex-, ex- + arkhein, to rule.]

ex·arch′al adj.
ex′ar′chate (ĕk′sär′kāt), ex′ar′chy (-kē) n.


(ˈɛksɑːˌkeɪt; ɛkˈsɑːkeɪt) or


n, pl -chates or -chies
(Ecclesiastical Terms) the office, rank, or jurisdiction of an exarch
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Noun1.exarchate - a diocese of the Eastern Orthodox Church
bishopric, diocese, episcopate - the territorial jurisdiction of a bishop
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The UGCC has 9 eparchies, 2 exarchates, 3,480 communities, and 2,191 clergy members.
These new ecclesiastical formations went through their own evolution and were finally established as distinct metropolitan sees in North America and eparchies or exarchates in the other countries of the diaspora, such as Argentina and Brazil.
Maurice was an able soldier and a talented administrator; perhaps his most noteworthy contribution was the creation of the exarchates of Ravenna and Carthage, which foreshadowed the themes of Heraclius forty years later.