exchange student

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exchange′ stu`dent

a student who studies at a foreign institution as part of a reciprocal program between institutions or countries.
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Everything is bigger here,'' French exchange student Madeleine Stoumen added.
4--The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Hesham Sharaf, denied that any connection exists between the Yemeni exchange student, Fuad Al-Sabehi, and the explosion which occurred on August 1 in front of his family's apartment in Asiot city, Egypt.
He revealed that he received an email from a girl who was an exchange student and lived in Australia, complaining that how she was 'all by herself' and she didn't have any family in the country and since it cost too much money for her to send them a message or call them.
And, at the urging of Hlatky, the School Board asked Superintendent Eric Eshbach to contact the US Department of State, which helps coordinate the exchange student program, to determine how well it vetted his credentials.
With support from his American host community in Iowa and fellow ECA-sponsored exchange students, his village now has clean, running water for the first time.
Another exchange student is also staying with the couple, police said.
The rewards a family receives for hosting an exchange student last a lifetime.
AYUSA also placed an exchange student in the home of a Coquille man who was convicted last June of third-degree sexual abuse for touching the 17-year-old girl's breast.
LAWYERS and experts were meeting in Perugia, Italy, today to discuss whether they need to carry out a second post mortem examination on the body of murdered British exchange student Meredith Kercher.
Before I left to be an exchange student in Costa Pica in February of my junior year, I had never been apart from my parents for more than a week.
Good language skills have helped a teenager from the North make his TV debut ( playing a French exchange student.
He also plays host to an exchange student from Estonia.