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Noun1.exchangeability - the quality of being capable of exchange or interchange
changeability, changeableness - the quality of being changeable; having a marked tendency to change; "the changeableness of the weather"
duality - (geometry) the interchangeability of the roles of points and planes in the theorems of projective geometry
transferability - the quality of being transferable or exchangeable; "sterling transferability affords a means of multilateral settlement between nondollar countries"
convertibility - the quality of being exchangeable (especially the ability to convert a currency into gold or other currencies without restriction)
inconvertibility - the quality of not being exchangeable; "the inconvertibility of their currency made international trade impossible"
commutability, replaceability, substitutability - exchangeability by virtue of being replaceable
liquidity - being in cash or easily convertible to cash; debt paying ability
permutability, permutableness, transposability - ability to change sequence
unexchangeability - the quality of being incapable of exchange or interchange
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Equality is the abstract exchangeability or substitutability of one for another, the irrelevance of the difference between the one and its other, the suppression of everything that makes the one different from the other.
In addition, for example, if each local autonomy were to independently adopt a different IT system, there would be enormous costs for the integration of those systems or creating exchangeability among themselves.
As was previously disclosed, the provision for income taxes under Adjusted Earnings for the fourth quarter and full year 2017 for consolidated BGC was lower due to an increase in grants of exchangeability related to the Company's long-term efforts to retain executives and partners across Financial Services and Real Estate Services.
(29) Littlejohn discusses critically a similar principle, which he calls Exchangeability. "Exchangeability: if the fact that p constitutes a potent normative reason for A to /that has weight W, the fact that it seems to A that p constitutes a potent normative reason for A to/that also has W" ("Being More Realistic about Reasons," 10).
The absolute and crying need of the hour, therefore, is to neutralize the printed-paper 'value determination mechanism' with a common global denominator for trade, based on universal exchangeability. Bilateralism and barter based value indexation for trade is about the only way forward.
This approach enabled exchangeability between intervention and control groups by ensuring that neighborhoods within a specific propensity score strata were compared.
It has also developed other cables that allow cable lengths of up to eight metres without having to use an additional preamplifier, which at the same time enables full exchangeability between sensor, controller and cable.
It added that some projects touting the future exchangeability of crypto-tokens may be outright scams.
The exchangeability and automatic substitution of re-IFX with bio-IFX is debated, and in Europe the decision is entrusted to a single country (8).
Significantly, whereas in Harry Heathcote of Gangoil and in "Catherine Carmichael" Trollope points to analogies between the English and Australian societies, so that even class conflicts in these texts "underscore in fact the superficiality, the ultimate exchangeability, of all the [social] conflicts" and "reveal that [social] formations are textually postulated and constructed" (Birns 1996: 11-12), John Caldigate seems to underscore the differences between Australia and England.
Seneca's insights apply to Paul's letters: the collection for Jerusalem evinces the reciprocal exchangeability of material and symbolic goods (Rom.