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A diatomic molecule that exists only when one of the atoms is in an excited energy state, especially one whose atoms are the same chemical element.


(General Physics) physics an excited dimer formed by the association of excited and unexcited molecules, which would remain dissociated in the ground state


(ˈɛk sə mər)

a molecular complex of two, usu. identical, molecules that is stable only when one of them is in an excited state.
[1960–65; exci (ted) + (di) mer]
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Excimer lazerin psoriasisde kullanimiyla ilgili ilk makale 1997 yilinda yayinlanmistir (11).
These studies, part of an on-going program to develop a primary standard for 157 nm excimer laser power and energy measurements, represent the first quantitative damage studies of UV optical materials for use with excimer lasers.
The FDA is now actively seeking out doctors and manufacturers who make excimer lasers without the agency's permission.
Excimer laser surgery, however, is more costly than RK because of the high cost of the laser ($500,000) and the high yearly upkeep ($100,000).
NIST now has the capability to accurately measure pulse-energy density of deep ultraviolet radiation produced by excimer lasers; this new capability is being used to provide dose (i.
The dose measurements are performed using a beam-splitter-based calibration system in which a spatially uniform beam from an ArF excimer laser is generated using a special beam homogenizer.
To perform this study, the scientists built a facility at SURF III that allows simultaneous exposure of photodiodes to excimer radiation and synchrotron radiation.