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Excisable articles were remarkably cheap at all the public-houses; and spring vans paraded the streets for the accommodation of voters who were seized with any temporary dizziness in the head--an epidemic which prevailed among the electors, during the contest, to a most alarming extent, and under the influence of which they might frequently be seen lying on the pavements in a state of utter insensibility.
On July 30, KRA embarked on a countrywide public participation exercise targeting manufacturers of non-alcoholic drinks and the public on the implementation of the second Phase of Excisable Goods Management System (EGMS).
In the course of the meeting the participants discussed the implementation of the decisions of the previous CCITB meeting, exchanged information on the activities of tax (financial) investigation agencies to ensure economic security in their countries, and shared their experience of inter-ministerial cooperation in combating smuggling and illicit trafficking of excisable goods.
'RESPECT OF LAW' This was after he denied 21 counts among them tax evasion, possession of excisable goods affixed with counterfeit stamps.
He mentioned the introduction and enforcement of the Tax Identification Number (TIN), affixing of excise tax stamp on specified excisable products, paperless clearance at the ports, and cargo tracking note as some of the strategies and innovations.
He added that almost in all the European and Far Eastern and even in some African countries, the system is installed to monitor the excisable goods specially tobacco.
Thanks to the measures taken by Azerbaijani Ministry of Taxes in the sphere of production, turnover of excisable goods and the work being carried out to attract business entities to taxation, high dynamics is observed in tax revenues of this sector,Trendreports with reference to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Taxes.
'No data on that, but the BIR thru the BIR strike team of the operations group continues its drive to uncover, raid if necessary, seize fake tax stamps, unregistered excisable tobacco products, and machineries,' said BIR Spokesman Marissa O.
Also, Guerrero earlier ordered ports to closely monitor importation values, ensure correct valuation of goods, impose the appropriate excise taxes on excisable articles under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act, and validate free trade agreement forms to ensure that these were not being used to defraud the country's second-largest revenue agency amid already low, if not zero, duty rates.
BIR's Strike Team acts as lead and point coordinator of all the agency's enforcement activities against smuggled articles and locally manufactured counterfeit excisable products.
There's a quick delay in my response only because I can't stop looking at his face, at how, at this moment of exertion, it compresses the whole of his life, all the unbearable pain, all that violent triumph, all squeezed into a single, excisable oval.
The policy requires that specified excisable products are affixed with tax stamps with specific features designed and supplied by the Ghana Revenue Authority before they are delivered ex-factory, cleared from any port of entry and presented for sale.