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John," she said, "something must be done to discourage Jack's tendency toward anything that may excite the cravings for the savage life which I fear he has inherited from you.
The latter are abundantly amusing, and, in view of the wonderful "travellers' tales" with which we have been entertained by African explorers, they can scarcely be considered extravagant; while the ingenuity and invention of the author will be sure to excite the surprise and the admiration of the reader, who will find M.
His frontispiece, boats attacking Sperm Whales, though no doubt calculated to excite the civil scepticism of some parlor men, is admirably correct and life-like in its general effect.
True it is, that on that occasion there was far too great a concourse of persons present for your courage to be observed, and on that account, perhaps, you did not reveal it; while here, it would be a display, and would excite remark -- you wish that others should talk about you, in what manner you do not care.
He excites at once my admiration and my pity to an astonishing degree.
While Excite Pure will be available for $299, Excite Pro and Excite Write will be available for $499 and $599, respectively.
Selected results are reported from studies of Web query data from Excite, AlltheWeb.
However, once the acquisition of Netscape by America Online Inc had closed, which it did in March, Excite, which itself is in the process of being acquired by @Home Networks Inc, had the option to terminate the agreement.
Live is a proactive way to use the Web," says Craig Donato, director of marketing for Excite Live
The move comes after United Group recently indicated to Excite@Home that due to market conditions it had become unable to move forward with the Excite Chello transaction as planned.