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A nerve whose stimulation induces an increase in activity of the part it supplies.
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1. (Physiology) a nerve that, when stimulated, causes increased activity in the organ or part it supplies
2. (Electrical Engineering) a variant spelling of exciter
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(ɪkˈsaɪ tər, -tɔr)

a nerve that increases the intensity of an action when stimulated.
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The summation test consists of presenting the putative conditioned inhibitor in a novel compound with a conditioned excitor. If the strength of the conditioned response elicited by this compound is less than the one elicited by the excitor alone, it is assumed that the putative inhibitor antagonized conditioned responding to some extent.
Bisogno & Macarrone (2014) suggest that the activation of NAPE occurs due to an increase in the intracellular concentration of calcium as a result of the activation of the cell by excitor neurotransmitters, for example, glutamate and the consequent neuronal activity.
Summary: help AG, a strategic information security consulting specialist in the Middle East, has announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Excitor, an enterprise mobility solutions provider.
help AG, a regional SI specialising in security solutions, has signed a deal with Excitor, a provider of enterprise mobility solutions.
An independent second excitor (C+) was also trained for the summation test.
Finnish telecomms solutions provider Nokia said on Thursday (26 August) that the Danish software company Excitor was introducing a Nokia Communicator based MobileCare solution for healthcare workers in the municipality of Borkop in Denmark.
This type generates a linear vibration in the same way as motor-driven excitor units.
The primary screen is powered by six excitor drives, all driven by a single motor through a common gear reducer.
The crayfish claw is moved by two muscles controlled by five efferent axons: one inhibitor and one excitor to the opener muscle, and one inhibitor and two excitors - a "fast" and a "slow" - to the closer muscle (van Harreveld and Wiersma, 1937; Wiens, 1976).
Effects of contingency violations on the extinction of a conditioned fear inhibitor and a conditioned fear excitor. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, 12, 99-115.
Protection from extinction by concurrent presentation of an excitor or an extensively extinguished CS
The new publication offers more comprehensive information than previous issues giving details not only of the standard L-Series vibrators, food and flange-mounted, but also of twin-flange units, linear-motion (twin vibrator) excitor units, quick-release mounts, flame-proof designs and control equipment.