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v. ex·claimed, ex·claim·ing, ex·claims
To cry out suddenly or vehemently, as from surprise or emotion: The children exclaimed with excitement.
To express or utter (something) suddenly or vehemently: exclaimed her surprise.

[French exclamer, from Latin exclāmāre : ex-, ex- + clāmāre, to call; see kelə- in Indo-European roots.]

ex·claim′er n.
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Noun1.exclaiming - an abrupt excited utteranceexclaiming - an abrupt excited utterance; "she gave an exclamation of delight"; "there was much exclaiming over it"
utterance, vocalization - the use of uttered sounds for auditory communication
dickens, deuce, devil - a word used in exclamations of confusion; "what the devil"; "the deuce with it"; "the dickens you say"
interjection - an abrupt emphatic exclamation expressing emotion
expostulation - an exclamation of protest or remonstrance or reproof
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There is nothing." There was nothing; and I resumed my seat, again exclaiming, "The boy is a fool, I say; 3^3 can have no meaning in Geometry." At once there came a distinctly audible reply, "The boy is not a fool; and 3^3 has an obvious Geometrical meaning."
But the quick and dancing eyes of Alice soon caught a glimpse of his figure reflected from a glass, and she sprang blushing from her father's knee, exclaiming aloud:
In fine, all the duennas smacked him and several others of the household pinched him; but what he could not stand was being pricked by the pins; and so, apparently out of patience, he started up out of his chair, and seizing a lighted torch that stood near him fell upon the duennas and the whole set of his tormentors, exclaiming, "Begone, ye ministers of hell; I'm not made of brass not to feel such out-of-the-way tortures."
Altisidora had by this time sat up on the catafalque, and as she did so the clarions sounded, accompanied by the flutes, and the voices of all present exclaiming, "Long life to Altisidora!
But Kamiya did not give up yet and tried with her other breast, saying, 'One more chance.' Results are as expected, with zero tiles being broken and the idol exclaiming 'Itai!' or 'It hurts!' while trying to laugh off the pain.
Also exclaiming as to how liberties in the Gulf could possibly be safeguarded, Yazbek went on to say that Lebanon shall never collapse especially that Hezbollah lurks in the background to preserve it.