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I put an exclamation point there because we felt one when we saw the vessel.
Now, reader, substitute for all these exclamation points, as many ringing thumps with a brawny fist upon the table, and you have some idea of the manual exercise that Dick went through while he thus spoke.
Lying back on the sofa, she read the manuscript carefully through, making dashes here and there, and putting in many exclamation points, which looked like little balloons.
On the other hand, most of Obama's exclamation points were included in messages to congratulate people.
So, when you're about to buy something off an online classified ad, think you've won a prize, or are being pressed to pay a bill, when you are told to use a prepaid card, put that exclamation point after "Scam
One is to search for a specific character common to the link's formula, such as a bracket or an exclamation point.
Again, the ubiquitous exclamation point is theirs, not his.
In other words, we might pick one or two of the exercises described here and perform a couple of hard sets to put an exclamation point on the workout.
I felt I had to take this step to put an exclamation point behind the voices of our people.
But when the 17-year-old sent the letter, with help from classmates at Vorobyovo Secondary School, she made a few errors of grammar and usage--leaving out an exclamation point, for example.
An exclamation point next to an airport's name will signify a potential delay.
But he thinks it's worth the effort because, "If we could press this resolution during the Bicentennial of the Bill of Rights, what a fantastic historical exclamation point that would be