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A part of a country that is isolated from the main part and is surrounded by foreign territory.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a part of a country entirely surrounded by foreign territory: viewed from the position of the home country. Compare enclave
[C20: from ex-1 + -clave, on the model of enclave]


(ˈɛks kleɪv)

a portion of a country geographically separated from the main part by surrounding alien territory.
[1885–90; ex-1 + (en)clave]
enclave, exclave - An enclave is a group or area different from the surroundings, a secured area within another secured area, from Latin clavis, "key"; an exclave is the same thing, but usually describes a portion of a country separated from the main part and surrounded by politically alien territory.
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Protests were reported in dozens of cities, from the Pacific Coast to the Baltic Sea exclave of Kaliningrad.
The Omani exclave of Musandam, which lies north of the United Arab Emirates and is some 400 km from the capital, Muscat, gives Oman control of the Strait of Hormuz along with Iran.
The match aga exc cap j co against Belgium is in the remote exclave of Kaliningrad.
They are being conducted on military ranges in Belarus, western Russia, Russia's exclave of Kaliningrad and in the Baltic Sea.
New urban infrastructure projects will soon come up in Hatta to support the business growth and promote tourism in the Dubai exclave.
Lithuania, a former Soviet republic that today borders the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, had repeatedly called for assistance on air defence in the wake of Moscow's annexation of Crimea and concerns for its own security.
The Russian plane was en route to the city of Kaliningrad, a Western Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea, where Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu was scheduled to discuss security issues with defense officials on Wednesday, RT reported.
A NATO F-16 fighter tried to get close to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu's plane flying over neutral Baltic waters to the country's Kaliningrad exclave but was chased away by a Russian jet.
Gurbanov has revealed that the development, apart from facilitating better number of tourist flows into Nakhchivan - a landlocked exclave of the Republic of Azerbaijan, will also ensure simplification of movement of freight services.
The reasons why Lithuania plans to build a fence on the border with Russia's Kaliningrad exclave include geopolitical ones, Interior Minister Eimutis Misiunas said on Tuesday, January 24.
President-elect Donald Trump, his transition team and the North Atlanta Treaty Organization (NATO) are reportedly being tested by Russia and its President Vladimir Putin as it continues to reinforce troops and missile systems in the Kaliningrad exclave in the Baltic region, (http://www.
Which country has an exclave called Nakhchivan bordering Iran, Armenia and Turkey?