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A part of a country that is isolated from the main part and is surrounded by foreign territory.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a part of a country entirely surrounded by foreign territory: viewed from the position of the home country. Compare enclave
[C20: from ex-1 + -clave, on the model of enclave]


(ˈɛks kleɪv)

a portion of a country geographically separated from the main part by surrounding alien territory.
[1885–90; ex-1 + (en)clave]
enclave, exclave - An enclave is a group or area different from the surroundings, a secured area within another secured area, from Latin clavis, "key"; an exclave is the same thing, but usually describes a portion of a country separated from the main part and surrounded by politically alien territory.
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The twinprop was last operated on 12x weekly return flights between Muscat and Khasab, an Omani exclave surrounded by the UAE.
In all, the island exclave has some $72 billion worth of debt with the United States.
The 19-yearold woman was arrested as she crossed from Morocco into Spain's North African exclave of Ceuta.
The 19-year-old woman was arrested as she crossed from Morocco into Spain's North African exclave of Ceuta.
Khasab province, an exclave of Oman on the Strait of Hormuz, is the Omani territory most exposed to tremors when earthquakes hit Iran.
POLAND plans to build six watchtowers along its border with Russian exclave Kaliningrad, according to reports.
The deployment follows unofficial Russian media reports that Russia deployed Iskander ballistic missiles in its Kaliningrad exclave neighbouring Poland as part of exercises earlier this week.
It also deployed IskanderM missile batteries to its western Kaliningrad exclave, which borders NATO members Lithuania and Poland, and put airborne divisions in Pskov, near the border with Estonia and Latvia, on high alert.
RUSSIA plans to station state-of-the art missiles in its western-most Baltic exclave and deploy nuclear-capable bombers to Crimea as part of massive war games to showcase its resurgent military power amid tensions with the West.
A tactical fight training exercise took place in country's southern Stavropol Territory, naval drills were launched in the Sea of Japan and air defense units began exercises in the western Russia's exclave of Kaliningrad.
The exclave province of Cabinda has borders with the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
The Spanish raids were carried out throughout the country, including Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, as well as the Spanish exclave of Ceuta on Morocco's Mediterranean coast.