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1. The act or practice of excluding.
2. The condition or fact of being excluded.

[Middle English exclusioun, from Latin exclūsiō, exclūsiōn-, from exclūsus, past participle of exclūdere, to shut; see exclude.]

ex·clu′sion·ar′y (-zhə-nĕr′ē) adj.


[ɪksˈkluːʒənrɪ] ADJ (frm) → exclusivista
the club had exclusionary policiesel club practicaba una política exclusivista


adj (form)ausschließend
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It denied Skoglunds motion, saying that his reliance on criminal statutes and the exclusionary rule was misplaced in a civil eviction proceeding and that it was reasonable for the officers to conduct a protective sweep of the apartment.
Chairing the panel discussion on gender and power in Pakistan, columnist and researcher Umair Javed said politics provided us an avenue to tackle exclusionary practices and discrimination.
Chairing the panel discussion on gender and power in Pakistan, Umair Javed, a columnist and researcher, said that politics provided us an avenue to tackle exclusionary practices and discrimination.
Reeves's most significant contribution in this book is his condemnation of such policies and practices, including exclusionary zoning policies that drive up housing prices; advantages in college admissions for children of alumni ("legacy" preferences); favored tax treatment for 529 college savings plans; unpaid internships; and the mortgage-interest tax deduction.
International Convergence in the Exclusionary Remedy 665 E.
Based on research in England & Wales and one Nordic nation, the project goals are to expose the dynamics of the penal state and the nature of penality in countries that are considered exclusionary and inclusionary respectively in their socio-economic and penal practices.
Following a review of the history of legislative intent in Canadian courts, the exclusionary rule and an important Canadian case, Rizzo & Rizzo Shoes Ltd, the authors explore what developments in this area of law, statutory interpretation and, legislative intent research, might mean for parliamentary and legislative libraries in Canada.
Research shows that such exclusionary discipline practices have lasting negative effects on students, including an increased likelihood of repeating a grade, dropping out of school, and coming into contact with the juvenile justice system--contributing to the school-to-prison pipeline (Fabelo et al.
In this standout chapter, Fowler inventively illustrates how Lucas Beauchamp dismantles the notion that the father's authority rests on an exclusionary, oppositional violence, instead seeing in him an "alternative to a Western exclusionary model of paternal authorization" (16).
He asserted that the systematic response to exclusionary Zionism, or any other exclusionary ideology that glorify strife and justify aggression under religious pretexts, is moderation and increasing boosting "our Muslim and Arab pluralism that strengthen the community and unite it on common goals and respect sectarian, religious and ethnic privacy.
It is not about an individual, but he (Modi) represents a ideology, and that ideology is an exclusionary ideology.