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1. The act or practice of excluding.
2. The condition or fact of being excluded.

[Middle English exclusioun, from Latin exclūsiō, exclūsiōn-, from exclūsus, past participle of exclūdere, to shut; see exclude.]

ex·clu′sion·ar′y (-zhə-nĕr′ē) adj.


[ɪksˈkluːʒənrɪ] ADJ (frm) → exclusivista
the club had exclusionary policiesel club practicaba una política exclusivista


adj (form)ausschließend
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Summary: Medieval Italy's democratic institutions succumbed to what we might now call populism: an anti-elitist, anti-pluralistic, and exclusionary strategy for ...
693 (1965) (Fourth Amendment exclusionary rule applies to state civil forfeiture proceedings that are of a "quasi-criminal nature").
During Prohibition, when intrusive and unreasonable police searches were commonplace, courts attempted to deter these affronts to privacy by introducing the exclusionary rule.
Exclusionary discipline puts these kids at risk for falling behind academically, dropping out of school and coming into contact with the juvenile justice system.
Change came with colonialism, the European nation state system and its attendant ideology of nationalism, including exclusionary discourses that bolstered individual political projects.
The good faith exception to the exclusionary rule is a well-rooted component of our nation's jurisprudence.
At the outset, the conference discussed that the term "populism" is used to describe a broad range of alleged anti-elitist, anti-establishment reactionary and exclusionary movements.
In 2013, at the age of 17, she challenged the exclusionary marketing of clothes to "cool kids" by Abercrombie & Fitch by leading a protest outside a flagship store on Michigan Ave.
Supreme Court announced a far-reaching doctrine known as the "exclusionary rule," which generally bars the use in court of illegally obtained evidence.
It denied Skoglunds motion, saying that his reliance on criminal statutes and the exclusionary rule was misplaced in a civil eviction proceeding and that it was reasonable for the officers to conduct a protective sweep of the apartment.
He was speaking at a conference, 'Exclusionary practices: building resilience and responsiveness in state and society' organised by Awaaz Forum at a local hotel.