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One that advocates the exclusion of another or others, as from having or exercising a right or privilege.

ex·clu′sion·ism n.
ex·clu′sion·ist, ex·clu′sion·is′tic adj.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) chiefly US denoting or relating to a policy of excluding various types of immigrants, imports, etc
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a supporter of a policy of exclusion
exˈclusionˌism n
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The exclusionist in religion does not see that he shuts the door of heaven on himself, in striving to shut out others.
The Election Commission must be empowered to disbar candidates with a criminal record, or professing communal and exclusionist ideologies.
The sectarian cleansing in Iraq and Syria committed by the exclusionist sectarian zealots has become an Islamist modern copy of the European Christian inquisition in the Middle Ages, with the difference that the old European one was more systematic and organised by the Vatican institution and its allied states while it is perpetrated by uncontrolled sporadic and shadowy gangs of terror in the modern Arab case.
Hence Israel's fixation with maintaining an exclusionist ethnic majority is the impetus for its eternal xenophobic insecurity.
My reflections on the subject have led me to the following conclusions: * The southern separatist position is clarified by specific historical events, cultural modes of conduct and exclusionist policies.
The BSP's bahujan samaj ideology is exclusionist in nature.
Key stat Tom O'Brien has been in good form with six winners from 23 rides in the last 14 days, and he is on board Exclusionist
Host majority members who endorse the assimilationist, segregationist, or exclusionist orientations have in common the rejection of immigrants or their cultural specificities.
Yet this Government wants to enshrine a racist, exclusionist piece of legislation in our constitution.
The far right in the UK, France and Germany have used the race issue to peddle their exclusionist view of the world.
As the United States adopted a uniquely modern "blend of exclusionist practices coupled with liberal ideology," earlier attempts to confine Asian Americans to "the laboring class" were replaced by a new positioning of Asian Americans in "the median space between white owners and black laborers.
3] The Zionist leaders used a western European discourse of "progress," "universalism," "the right for self-determination," and various forms of worker-ist theories, which have the ir roots in the enlightenment for rallying support, but Zionism itself was an ethnic exclusionist movement.