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The practice of excluding or of being exclusive.

ex·clu′siv·ist adj. & n.


the practice of being exclusive


(ɪkˈsklu səˌvɪz əm, -zə-)

the practice of being exclusive.
ex•clu′siv•ist, n., adj.
ex•clu`siv•is′tic, adj.
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Among the topics are reassessing the exclusivism of Ben Sira's Jewish Paideia, students of God in the house of Torah: education in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the School of Moses in Alexandria: an attempt to reconstruct the school of Philo, Philo's Questions and the adaptation of Greek philosophical curriculum, and embodying the ways in Christ: Paul's teaching of the nations.
Connell concludes that inclusivism is most faithful to Kierkegaard's general commitment to the "dialectical tension between universalism and particularist impulses" because it avoids the imperialism of exclusivism and the relativism of pluralism.
We are not opposing any party; we are opposing fanaticism, religious bias, cultural exclusivism, upper class arrogance, majoritarianism.
Travelers and tourists get multiple essays; religious warfare gets one, a brief, semi-sermonic interlude from James Carroll, recalling the perils of exclusivism that led up to the Crusades and sounding a warning against any return.
However, the old habit of exclusivism in assigning economic roles continues.
Another problem with pure exclusivism lies in the effort to supposedly "privatize" religion.
Pitman divides his presentation according to the still "helpful" (217) typology of exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism, delineating within each response refinements he claims are necessary to engage the conundrum.
One of the complicating factors is the historical tendency toward exclusivism (2) and the competing missionary zeal of both traditions that flow from that tendency, without a common trinitarian and christological ground.
But again we've seen Canada's immigration policy used to bring Zionist's Exclusivism to fruition," Joshua Blakeney, a Press TV correspondent in the city of Calgary said.
Why is there an exclusivism and hankering after final solutions when nationalisms encounter each other?
Exclusivism favors one community over all the others.
While ending her narrative with the decline of the Klan in the mid-nineteenth century would have been sufficient, Baker cannot resist the impulse to see the long shadow of Klan exclusivism in contemporary American life.