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The practice of excluding or of being exclusive.

ex·clu′siv·ist adj. & n.
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the practice of being exclusive
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(ɪkˈsklu səˌvɪz əm, -zə-)

the practice of being exclusive.
ex•clu′siv•ist, n., adj.
ex•clu`siv•is′tic, adj.
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HATRED is the linchpin of exclusivism. A nation that popularises the insular orientations of its people, more than anything else, often degenerates into the dark recess of moral turpitude.
Though Pakistan's subsequent history disproved the truth of above ideological advocates, still the confusion remained simmering, only to be stoked into fires of religious exclusivism off and on by the beneficiaries of potential beneficiaries of theocratic rule.
Trump's anti-Muslim and antimigrant policies and his continued vacillation between lending racism and white supremacism legitimacy and condemning far-right exclusivism.
The real exponent of this 'strategy of exclusivism' is none other than the President of United States.
Clearly, the Modi government's policy towards Kashmiris is based on cultural, political and territorial exclusivism evidenced by enforced Kashmiri migration from the Vale.
Gian Lao writes cautiously about the academization, the exclusivism of poetry as we know it, and Lang Leav openly celebrates its democratization, the way her writing has helped a generation to find literature, how her poems are both a gateway and an end in themselves.
Koigi wa Wamwere, for example, used to condemn as "negative tribalism" the ethnic exclusivism that characterises our country.
Ours is part of a global movement of resistance to religious exclusivism, xenophobia, and tribalistic worldview represented by the rise of the far right in the US and Israel.
Now that scholars widely recognize the Jewishness of Jesus and emphasize the Jewish roots of Christianity, says Homolka, Christian scholars need to formulate a new Christology, one that fills the space between a Christian exclusivism that denies the universality of God and a pluralism that endangers the specificity of the Christian understanding of God and the uniqueness of religious traditions, including that of Christianity.
At the present time, Christian theology of religions seems to be wrestling with the threefold paradigm of exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism--a paradigm that I think can neither provide the definitive answer nor be totally discarded.
Several political, business and even so-called 'religious' leaders use hate, exclusivism and xenophobia to nurture their lust for power and greed for wealth.