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The practice of excluding or of being exclusive.

ex·clu′siv·ist adj. & n.


a person who practises or advocates exclusivism
relating to or characterized by exclusivism
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Bilawal further said, 'I must confess that when I look around today I find traditional public and cultural spaces have shrunk and eroded by extremist and exclusivist ideologies.
Throughout history, those who thought they could sustain an exclusivist presence in it, or control over it, by force of arms, found themselves running a fool's errand.
Historians will tell us one day whether this has been due to the problematic nature of exclusivist "pure" states in a pluralistic region, or to their policies, their neighbors' rejection, or other reasons.
presidential campaign in which candidates exploit circumstances and fears to put forward ever more restrictive and exclusivist programs to address perceived threats.
But the Pharisees and scribes cannot rejoice with Jesus because of their self-righteous and exclusivist attitude.
With Tel Aviv refusing to respond to the language of diplomacy, the international civil society should call for greater diplomatic pressure to force the paranoid, exclusivist, imperious, and warlike regime to lift the illegal blockade.
When it comes to the controversial topic of Syrian refugees, CHP leader Kylycdaroy-lu actually spouts the same sort of rhetoric heard from neo-Nazi fronts in the EU: provocative, racist and exclusivist.
Recalling Rene Moawwad and Rashid Karami who founded the Dentists' Syndicate, minister Rifi noted their role in defending statist notions contrary to Hizbullah's exclusivist party-orientation, as he said.
Third, they tend toward a more exclusivist vision of salvation, emphasizing the differences between Christianity and other religions and the evangelical obligation to share the "saving knowledge" of Jesus Christ with others.
Simply put, the exclusivist position claims that its institution alone contains the means of "salvation.