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tr.v. ex·com·mu·ni·cat·ed, ex·com·mu·ni·cat·ing, ex·com·mu·ni·cates
1. To deprive of the right of church membership by ecclesiastical authority.
2. To exclude by or as if by decree from membership or participation in a group.
n. (-kĭt)
A person who has been excommunicated.
adj. (-kĭt, -kāt′)
Having been excommunicated.

[Middle English excommunicaten, from Late Latin excommūnicāre, excommūnicāt- : Latin ex-, ex- + Latin commūnicāre, to share (from commūnis, common; see common).]

ex′com·mu′ni·ca′tive (-kā′tĭv, -kə-), ex′com·mu′ni·ca·to′ry (-kə-tôr′ē) adj.
ex′com·mu′ni·ca′tor n.
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Soon the excommunicator of Gronlund himself was condemned for "revisionism." Bernstein then was placed in the same negative category as the Fabians, whose outpost in the United States, the American Fabian Society, and its journal, The American Fabian, found an important contributor in Gronlund in the mid-1890s.
Joachim Krausse describes a must-have pocket device, the 'excommunicator', which disables all electronic media within 30 metres.