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Waste material, especially fecal matter, that is expelled from the body after digestion.

[Latin excrēmentum, from excernere, excrē-, to excrete; see excrete.]

ex′cre·men′tal (-mĕn′tl), ex′cre·men·ti′tious (-mĕn-tĭsh′əs) adj.
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Sorokin, for example, is referred to as the "Russian de Sade," a writer whose "excremental prose" is "giving new adrenaline to a somewhat tired and aging European tradition." (4) Similar postmodernist play is found in the fiction of well-known contemporary women writers as well.
Hemingway specifies that these walls are made of guano, "the tough budshields of the royal palm," but the more common meaning of "guano" inevitably reverberates here to suggest an elemental and excremental reality papered over by illusory hopes of transcendence (15).
If de la Rocha is this generation's McLuhan, and the medium is the message, then this generation's message is excremental, oedipal, coital, and generally unpleasant.
Stocker welcomed association with "the celebrated Australian" and dismissed the excremental environment as just a familiar state for a public servant.
Elizabeth Grosz draws from Julia Kristeva to think about the relation of the excremental object to the excrementalized subject:
While Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick famously has speculated that James's thoughts on writing resemble fisting, Renu Bora has claimed relatedly that James's interest in texture is excremental. "I picture James's head hovering over a consummated toilet," writes Bora, "a glossy, smooth turd lolling in the waters, pride summoning lost pleasures.
Chris Rubin, in his article published by BPE Inc., on the web talks about Argan oil, produced from the excremental droppings of goats.
In The Interpreters, a story of intellectuals in decolonized Nigeria, Soyinka uses excremental language to present political and corporate misdeeds in terms of unhealthy digestion.
Auschwitz, precisely antithetical to their own heaven of excessive cleanliness, obsessive order, and "life," was a world of excremental chaos and death.
En ese "Barrio," donde la traicion y la violencia son moneda comun, y donde ni los mas jovenes se encuentran a salvo--como lo simboliza el infanticidio del nino del Portugues--, Baba define su existencia con una poderosa imagen excremental: "El mundo se habia convertido en una pesadilla de basura y detrito y nosotras andabamos perdidas dentro de ese mal sueno" (96).
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