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Waste material, especially fecal matter, that is expelled from the body after digestion.

[Latin excrēmentum, from excernere, excrē-, to excrete; see excrete.]

ex′cre·men′tal (-mĕn′tl), ex′cre·men·ti′tious (-mĕn-tĭsh′əs) adj.
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Her excremental escape plan worked, as she was able to escape.
After all, toilets are places where you deposit dumi or, in English, an excremental place.
He described God the Father as creating a world that included "the supercelestial region with intelligences, [where he] enlivened the heavenly globes with eternal souls, and filled the excremental and filthy parts of the lower world with a multitude of forms of animal life.
Minutes earlier manager Simon Grayson revealed one of Steele's younger team-mates had come out with another excremental description - "Soft as s***e.
Ornelas's "Convergences and Divergences in Saramago's Ensaio sobre a Cegueira and Camus's The Plague" (2006); Sandra Kumamoto Stanley's "The Excremental Gaze: Saramago's Blindness and the Disintegration of the Panoptic Vision" (2004); and David G.
Incremental improvement delivers excremental results," declared Lindqvist.
All methods including euthanasia procedure were conducted in accordance with guide for care and use of laboratory animals, Institute for Laboratory Animal Research, National Institute of Health (NIH publication number 80-23; 1996), and they have been approved by Research Ethics Committee of Excremental Animal Care Center, College of Pharmacy, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
The fountain has a storied and--given its outwardly prosaic nature-oddly auspicious history in modern and contemporary art: from Duchamp's foundational icon (actually a urinal, of course) to more recent examples including Bruce Nauman's gushing self portrait of 1966-67; Helen Chadwick's excremental chocolate-lover's dream/ nightmare Cacao, 1994; and the spouting-nippled Christ that formed the centerpiece of Robert Gober's solo exhibition at Matthew Marks Gallery in 2005.
Both the poems' readings of their bracelets and our own readings alternate between sacramental union and excremental detachment.
Excremental attack, the physical inducement of disgust and self-loathing, was a principal weapon (p.
He is not offering an excremental vision of history--he is no Luther or Swift--and there is nothing retentive about his ambition for posterity.
Every stain is the same colour--a rather unpleasant excremental brown.