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tr.v. ex·cru·ci·at·ed, ex·cru·ci·at·ing, ex·cru·ci·ates
1. To inflict severe pain on; torture.
2. To inflict great mental distress on.

[Latin excruciāre, excruciāt- : ex-, intensive pref.; see ex- + cruciāre, to crucify, torture (from crux, cruc-, cross).]

ex·cru′ci·a′tion n.
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Noun1.excruciation - a state of acute painexcruciation - a state of acute pain    
hurting, pain - a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder; "the patient developed severe pain and distension"
throe - severe spasm of pain; "the throes of dying"; "the throes of childbirth"
Passion of Christ, Passion - the suffering of Jesus at the Crucifixion
2.excruciation - the infliction of extremely painful punishment or suffering
torturing, torture - the deliberate, systematic, or wanton infliction of physical or mental suffering by one or more persons in an attempt to force another person to yield information or to make a confession or for any other reason; "it required unnatural torturing to extract a confession"
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I was on the point of exclaiming--and the air of excruciation in my face would have denoted a moral face--"Don't, Juliana; for HIS sake, don't!" But I controlled myself and asked less passionately: "Why should I remain so long as that?"
It is possible the matter might have blown over without more excruciation if nothing else had happened.
(107) Amery was a body in pain, "and nothing else beside that." (108) Agony erased his refinement and cultivation, and his personal commitments, too, as the Nazis restricted his ken to his excruciation, with the result--the intended result--that he was ready to betray himself and the Belgian resistance in order to realize his singular desire for the pain to stop.
This was actually beginning of an era containing agonies, suffering and excruciation of the tribal people.
THE term "Scottish hip hop", can produce anything from mild embarrassment to intolerable excruciation, depending who you say it to.
After a series of excruciation surgeries and treatments over a span of nearly three months, Sajeer is expected to be discharged from the hospital today.
Danny boldly parted with his moustache after 30 years, while Eric had his legs waxed - with a look of excruciation etched on his face.
The woman's husband Abdul Sattar, a resident of Laal Garh, said that he brought his pregnant wife Haseena Bibi for delivery to the hospital and could not get her admitted due to the unavailability of an emergency entrance token, leaving Haseena Bibi to lie on the ground from 3pm to 6pm in excruciation pain.
experiencing excruciation at the hands of another, is there a phrase for
"'The Dark Knight' is a handsome, accomplished piece of work, but it drove me from absorption to excruciation within 20 minutes, and then it went on for two hours more," Sragow wrote.
When the marriage ended, Meyers quotes Mary McCarthy to the effect that "[Cal's madness] more than anything else has bored her for the last few years, to the point of excruciation," and asserts, "Hardwick did not view the prospect of divorce in the same way [as McCarthy], She felt Lowell's rejection would be publicly humiliating, and feared that she'd lose personal influence and literary prestige when he abandoned her." I give her more credit than Meyers does.