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In an Excusive report, Reuters said the update to Telegram, planned for release over the next few days, will allow protesters to prevent Chinese and Hong Kong authorities from discovering their identities in the app's large group chats, as some demonstrators express concern that authorities could use the movement's reliance on Telegram to monitor and arrest organizers.
As far as the Aphrodite field is concerned he said, "we are in negotiations with the consortium to come up with a jointly acceptable plan for development and production, which must be submitted to the Council of Ministers to issue exploitation licences for the Aphrodite field, marking the first time that such licences will be issued for the Cyprus EEZ (Excusive Economic Zone)".
Caparol provided an excusive training session to all members of Team Aqua Green, encouraging them to understand the art of painting on their own in an easy way.
With excusive offers, priority bookings, discounted fares, cancellation charge waivers and much more, a Uberpass will be a gift she will be least expecting and will be the most thankful for.
Providing you an insight into the trends shaping the banking and financial landscape in the Middle East, we also bring you excusive commentaries on green Sukuk, efficient retail banking strategies, going digital in insurance management, investment in solar and sustainable projects, and many more.
They work excusive taking directions from the Government and the political parties.
He or she stopped being fed breast milk, including pumped breast milk." The current study also investigated excusive breastfeeding, which was defined as an infant's consumption of "no other food or drink, not even water, except breast milk (including milk expressed or from a wet nurse) ...
But the law of England, which is excusive of positive law enacted by statute, depends upon principles."
Besides, strong punitive steps were taken against the police personnel and the excusive officials who prevented the 2002 murderous communal riots in their area against the Muslims.
This author found weak institutional support for gender equality policies, a lack of financial resources, strong resistance from government officials, and an almost excusive focus on the labor market in gender equality policies.
Amir bin Mohammed al-Hajri, Director General of the Excusive Office of the GCC Social Affairs Ministers' Council and Abdullah bin Sulaiman al-Sab'ei, Director General of Social Development in the Governorate of Dhofar and some officials.