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1. Deserving of execration; hateful.
2. Extremely inferior; very bad: an execrable meal.

[Middle English, from Latin execrābilis, from execrārī, exsecrārī, to execrate; see execrate.]

ex′e·cra·ble·ness n.
ex′e·cra·bly adv.


[ˈeksɪkrəblɪ] ADV (frm) → execrablemente (frm)


[ˈɛksɪkrəblɪ] (frm) adv (see adj) → pessimamente, in modo esecrabile
References in classic literature ?
Philip's knowledge of the language was small, but he knew enough to tell that Cronshaw, although he had lived in Paris for several years, spoke French execrably.
But the night was long and dark: the snow heavily clogged the wheels and balled the horses' feet; the animals were consumedly lazy; the coachman most execrably cautious; the passengers confoundedly apathetic in their supine indifference to the rate of our progression.
I had meant well by friend and foe in turn, and I had ended in doing execrably by both.
Execrably, the UK's proclamation about standing with the 'principles' has a vile history.
Carpio more than implied that Filipino voters are either hopelessly dumb or execrably unprincipled, or both.
The two times Asia Cup champions have lost the match from Tigers execrably. The poor performance of Shaheens has astounded and disappointed the entire nation.
It is obvious that the hose-drogue will shake execrably if no suppression scheme is introduced.
But rarely, if ever, has a Premier League side turned up to the baptism of a new Tottenham manager and performed so execrably.
Thomas Wolfe, the adjectival Tar Heel, not the dandified Virginia expositor of The Right Stuff, philosophized in his execrably titled You Can't Go Home Again that "A man learns a great deal about life from writing and publishing a book."
Subprime residential had performed execrably, with most bonds suffering downgrades; expected pool losses were many times the projected tail losses, and it became obvious that the ratings models, which had attributed a probability of zero to the event of house price declines, had been fundamentally flawed.